Here lived:

Ludwig Leeser born in 1884
Henriette Leeser - Samuel born in 1888
Paul Leeser born in 1921
Werner Leeser born in 1922

The November pogroms of 1938 were the transition from discrimination to
Systhematischen prosecution of the Jews.
An investigation of students from the gymnasium Ernestinum, involved research into some families. One of them is the Leeser family, who lived on Marktplatz 1. The children Paul (born 2-10-1921) and Werner (born 25-4-1922) visited the school in Rinteln in the school year 1934-1935. They were taught, among other things, the Jewish teacher Sundheimer, who was on leave in connection with the resignation of non-Arctic officials and an anti-Semitic teacher.
Louis Leeser (born August 23, 1884), father of the two children and SPD member, owner of a supermarket in Rinteln. On July 27, 1935, some residents bombed the supermarket and cursed the Jewish family. This was recorded as "a small demonstration against the Jews" in the trial. Henriette Leeser, wife of Louis Leeser, was chairman of the "Jewish Women's League", which consisted of about 18-20 members. The Leeser family noted the signs of time on time and could "emigrate for political reasons" in 1937 from Rinteln to America.

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  • Text: Bert Deelman
  • Photos: Bert Deelman