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Volume 5 - No. 125 - April 2, 1942

Fierce and Bloody Battle in the Java Sea


Fierce and Bloody Battle in the Java Sea

The Battle of the Java Sea was heavy defeat for the United Nations, since all but one of the thirteen warships of the Allied squadron that went into action against the Japanese were sent to the bottom

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  • Hongkong & Nanking: A Tale of Horror
  • 'Too Few, Too Late': The Tragedy of Rangoon
  • The Inevitable Tragedy of Java's Fall
  • Our Searchlight on the War
  • Australia 'Stripped for War' and 'Fighting Mad'
  • Once Again New Guinea Has Scenes of Savagery
  • They Speak for the Indians in a Fateful Hour
  • Fierce and Bloody Battle in the Java Sea
  • Our Diary of the War
  • French Papers Published at the Risk of Death
  • Who Were the Real Criminals at Rion?
  • Short Shrift for 'Black Market' Traitors!
  • I Was There! - Rommel's Tanks Charged At Us Full Tilt
  • I Was There! - How We Scorched the Oil Wells at Palembang
  • I Was There! - Through Snow and Ice Our Ships Struggled to Russia
  • I Was There! - The Portuguese Treated Us Right Royally
  • Editor's Postscript