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Volume 1 - No. 16 - December 23, 1939

Now It Can Be Told: Epic Story of the 'Orzel'


Now It Can Be Told: Epic Story of the 'Orzel'

Here we have the first of what it is to be hoped will be a number of accounts of exciting and heroic incidents, the full story of which was not revealed for one reason or another at the time of their

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  • Jottings from My Wartime Diary
  • Viscount Gort is At Home to His Majesty
  • The King Goes Up The Line
  • Finland's Heroic Resistance Surprises the World
  • Scandinavia is Shaken by War's Thunder
  • This Nazi 'Plane Will Drop No More Mines
  • Unravelling the Tangle of the Balkan Pattern
  • There's a Place in the Line for the Air Cadets
  • Words That History Will Remember
  • The Christmas Spirit: in '39 as in '14
  • The Wartime Theatre Defies the Black-out
  • Over Thirty-five but Not Too Old to Serve!
  • We Have the Men - We Have the 'Planes
  • 'We are Masters: As Masters We Behave'
  • 'Graf Spee' is Brought to Bay
  • I Was There! - I Saw Horrible Sights in Helsinki
  • I Was There! - A Nazi Tank Slew My Wife in Poland
  • I Was There! - We Escaped Torpedo, Fire and Shipwreck
  • I Was There! - The Maire Who Welcomed the King
  • Now It Can Be Told: Epic Story of the 'Orzel'
  • Our Diary of the War
  • Par Nobile Fratrum
  • Easy French Phrases for British Soldiers - 5.