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THE PRESIDENT: I call upon the Defendant Wilhelm Frick

WILHELM FRICK (Defendant): I have a clear conscience with respect to the Indictment. My entire life was spent in the service of my people and my fatherland. To them I have devoted the best of my strength in the loyal fulfilment of my duty.
I am convinced that no patriotic American or citizen of any other country woud have acted differently in my place, if his country had been in the same position. For to have acted any differently would have been a breach of my oath of allegiance and high treason.
In fulfilling my legal and moral duties, I believe that I have deserved punishment no more than have the tens of thousands of faithful German civil servants and officials in the public service who have already been detained in camps for over a year merely because they did their duty. I feel in duty and honor bound, as a former long-standing public minister, to remember them here in gratitude.

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The will of the troops/civilians to keep fighting.


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International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg 1947