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The design of the Segelflugzeugführerabzeichen (Glider Pilot Badge) was presented by the firm W.E. Peekhaus on June 8th, 1940 and on December 16th of that same year it was approved and instituted. The firm C.E. Junckers of Berlin became the official manufactor of this award. The Segelflugzeugführerabzeichen was instituted to award the pilots who completed their glider pilot training.

The Segelflugzeugführerabzeichen is build up out of an oak leaves wreath, where just above the center a soaring eagle is mounted. The wreath consists of eight bundles of three oak leaves on each side. On the bottom is a swastika mounted and from underneath this swastika the first bundles of oak leaves emerge. The eagle soars from left to right and is fixed by two small ball ribbons. The height of the award variates between 55 and 57 mm and the width of the wreath is 42 mm. The wingspan of the eagle measures 53 mm and the height of the eagle, measured from the tip of his claws to the top of his wings varies between the 15 and 16 mm. The reverse of this award is flat and there’s a thin needle with a standard hook construction mounted. The wreath is silver plated and the highlights are polished. The eagle is black and also on the eagle are the highlights polished, this to bring out the depth in the eagle.

The Segelflugzeugführerabzeichen was awarded together with the glider pilot diploma, after the completion of the glider pilot training. This award came in a blue box, with the award name stenciled in silver on the top of the lid. The inner side of the lid is covered with blue silk and the bottom part with blue velvet. Together with the award came a standard award document and the awarding was notated in the Soldbuch. The Segelflugzeugführerabzeichen was worn in the center of the left breast pocket and then underneath the Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse (Iron Cross 1st Class) if the recipient possessed this award. When the recipient already possessed several other awards, it was allowed to wear the Segelflugzeugführerabzeichen on the lower left corner of the breast pocket.

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