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Koninklijke Vermelding bij Dagorder

The Koninklijke Vermelding bij Dagorder (Royal Mention in Dispatches) was introduced on December 16, 1947, Royal Decree No. 5, in recognition of the services of naval and merchant navy vessels flying the Dutch flag during World War Two. In the decree, this is formulated as "a reward for eminent deeds performed by vessels of the Royal Dutch Navy as well as merchant vessels flying the Dutch flag, corresponding with the inscription on the banner which can be awarded to elements of the Armed Forces".
The award was instituted for actions performed after May 10, 1940 in particular or in connection with the war. It could also be awarded to vessels which were lost during or after the performance of such an action.
In addition to a paper version of this award, a bronze shield was attached to the vessel which had received the award, stating the reason for the award. In case a naval vessel was decommissioned, the shield was to be handed over to the Royal Naval Institution to be hung in a designated location or in case of merchant vessels in a location designated by the managing director of the shipping company.
All those having served aboard a decorated vessel during the action received a certificate stating date and text of the Royal Mention.
In case of multiple awards, each award was to be added to the aforementioned shield.
The Chancellory of Dutch Orders keeps a record containing the names of all vessels having received the award and the names of all having received the certificate.

Grid List
Aagtekerk, m.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Flores, Hr.Ms.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Frans Hals, m.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Kampar, m.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Mijdrecht, m.t.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Ondina, m.t.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Polydorus, s.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Soemba, Hr.Ms.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Tromp, Hr.Ms.Ships (naval and merchant)