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Deltakermedaljen 1940-1945

The Norwegian Defence Participation Medal (Deltakermedaljen) was instituted on 19th September 1945 and was awarded to everyone who participated in combat and/or was wounded during the Second World War.
The specific award criteria show it could also be awarded to Norwegian and allied personnel who participated in the Norwegian campaign in 1940, for at least 5 days, to civilians who worked in close relation to the military forces, like railroad personnel, telgraphists, hospital worker’s, for at least 5 days during the same period, to personnel who were enlisted in the Norwegian Armed Forces or in the Norwegian Merchant Fleet outside Norway for service of at least four months, (Personnel that participated in the liberation of Norway on the 9th April 1945 were awarded, regardless the time they were enlisted), to enlisted personnel who participated in the Finnmark campaign of 1944-1945 for at least one month, to Allied personnel who participated in the liberation of Norway for at least one month and to personnel in the "Home Forces" who served for at least four months prior to the 8th May 1945.

The medale measures 33 mm in diameter and is made in bronze. The obverse shows the Norwegian National Shield surrounded by the date of the German occupation of Norway (9 APRIL 1944 – 8 MAI 1945). On the reverse the Norwegian Royal flag is shown with the Norwegian state flag and the Merchant flag in a circle above the inscription DELTAKER I KAMPEN, meaning Participant in the fight/war.

The medal was only once presented. Additional decorations could be awarded, but were received as a rose-button for on the ribbon of the first medal. The maximum amount that could be awarded to a person was three times.

Cabanier, Georges* November 21st, 1906
† October 26th, 1976

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Cabanier, Georges21-11-190626-10-1976more