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Tätigkeitsabzeichen der Flakartillerie

The "Tätigkeitsabzeichen der Flakartillerie" (Emblem for Merit of Anti-aircraft Artillery) was awarded to crews of anti-aircraft batteries having served for at least nine months. The presentation took place on August 1st of each year. The emblem was only given to ranks below that of officer ranks.

The first version was introduced on October 28th, 1936 and depicts an effigy of anti-aircraft (or Flak) gun, 2" in length and .6" in width with the barrel elevated to 45 degrees to the right.
The second version was introduced on July 26th, 1937 and depicts a Flak gun, 1.3" in length, the barrel elevated to 45 degrees to the right, surrounded by half a wreath of oak leaves. On both sides of the wreath, a pair of wings lying down.
The wreath is connected by a ring at the bottom to which a swastika is mounted, standing on a tip.
The fabric is oblong in shape, 1.7" in heigth and 3.4" in width.
Variants of the second version are known with a yellow strand of rope surrounding it but it is not known what this represents.

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