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Médaille Commemorative de la Guerre 1939-1945

This bronze, hexagonal medal bears on the face a Gallic cock on a Lorraine Cross and on the reverse the inscription: "Répeublique Française 1939/45" Bars were awarded for service, either on land or in the air, in France, Norway, Italy, Germany, Great- Britain and the Soviet Union; for maritine operations in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Channell and the North Sea as well as for resistance and volontary service.
The ribbon is light blue with red and green stripes at its outer edges and a vertical row of V's (Victory) down its centre.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Garache, Gilbert09-05-191817-10-2005more
Garbit, François22-02-191007-12-1941
Gayant, Marcel25-04-191527-09-1944more
Genet, André11-11-191405-02-1945more
Gentil, Louis21-05-189608-04-1945more
Gerberon, André03-12-190520-04-1961more
Gillot, Xavier22-12-190910-06-1996more
Gins, Alexandre12-10-191127-10-1973more
Giraud, Henri Honoré18-01-187911-03-1949more
Goislard de Monsabert, de, Joseph30-09-188713-06-1981more
Goychman, Georges24-01-191423-05-1981more
Gozzi, Toussaint24-05-191913-02-1946more
Grand, Albert05-10-191426-05-1998more
Guaffi, Marcel15-08-191816-09-1997more
Guénon, Paul04-04-191123-01-1946more
Guérin, Claude06-06-191223-06-1959more
Gufflet, René30-01-191111-06-1942
Guillaudot, Maurice28-06-189323-05-1979more
Guillebon, de, Jacques13-10-190925-02-1985more
Guillot, Marcel11-03-191423-12-1984more
Guyot, Marius23-01-191825-09-2006more