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Médaille du Levant (Vichy)

This medal was authorized in July 1922 for soldiers of the Army of the Levant and to Naval personnel who had operated on the Syrian-Cilician coast between November 11th, 1918 and October 20th, 1920 and to others who had taken part in certain battles after this date. It was awarded by the Vichy Government for the campaigns of 1941 and the medal had a bar with the text 'Levant 1941'
The ribbon is in horizontal wavy stripes of pale blue and white.

Grid List
Blanchard, René Joseph* September 10th, 1920
† March 14th, 1996

Blasquez, Jacques* January 31st, 1912
† August 11th, 1998

Blednicki, Sigismond* October 16th, 1920
† January 9th, 1955

Bonté, Maurice* September 22nd, 1904
† August 24th, 1958