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Gentlemen in Blue

Gentlemen in Blue
The History of No .600 "City of London" Squadron
Onderwater, H.
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Pen & Sword Books
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Flying with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force began as a pre-war lark for the prosperous men of No. 600 Squadron. Derided by the press as the "Millionaire's Mob, " the Squadron was largely made up of stockbrokers from London's financial district, headquartered in the original medieval "City." The idyllic days of sport flying from rural aerodromes came to an end in 1940 after the evacuation of Dunkirk and the appearance of German aircraft over London. Could these weekend flyers stand up to the Luftwaffe's toughened veterans of the campaigns in Spain, Poland and France? The answer was to be "Yes, but at a fearful price." Since the Luftwaffe bombers and their fighter escorts operated mainly at night, many of London's defenders had to become night fighters, with greatly increased difficulties of navigation and marksmanship. Although many of the original squadron members were killed, 600 Squadron proved equal to the task, and helped save their beloved London. Not content with a defensive effort, the Squadron served in North Africa, where it flew air cover for the Casablanca Conference, and later in Italy, eventually becoming the highest-scoring night fighter unit in the Allied air forces. Although the squadron itself was disbanded in the late '50s, the 600 Squadron Association has continued to be very visible and active on behalf of veterans and the City of London. Gentleman in Blue is an extensive, heavily researched, history of a unique RAF Squadron and the wide variety of aircraft it flew.