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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1 Worcestershire Regiment
Month and Year: May 1945 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. M.R.J. Thomson MC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
N.E. BREMEN 1   Orders issued for Bn. to pass through 5 D.C.L.I. bridgehead to carry out clearing operation. This was completed by 16.30 hrs and Bn. H.Q. established at 832171.
Total P.W. for day - 37.
Lt.-Col. M. R. J. Hope-Thomson M.C. rejoined unit from hospital.
  2 0600 Maj. G. G. Reinhold M.C. whilst carrying out a recce was badly bruised and his driver badly wounded when his jeep struck a mine. He continued throughout the day.
Bn. relieved by 4 K.O.S.B.
Movement Orders issued for move to rest area WESTERTIMKE 9317.
WESTERTIMKE 9317 3   Bn. in rest area at WESTERTIMKE. Baths, Cinema etc.
Maj. G. G. Reinhold evacuated to 121 Br Gen Hosp. at CELLE.
  4   Bn. resting at WESTERTIMKE. Baths, Cinema etc.  
  4 2030 Radio announcement that hostilities would cease on 2nd Army front as from 08.00 hrs 5th May was received with much jubilation.  
  5   Baths, Cinema shows.  
  6   Baths, Cinema shows.  
  7   Mr. Churchill's radio announcement that all hostilities in Europe would cease as from 08.00 hrs 8th May and that tomorrow would be VE day was received. Great rejoicing in the Bn. during the evening.
Instructions received that Bn. would leave present area tomorrow 8th May and proceed to LUNEBURG area.
VE Day 8 0700 Bn. Recce Party left for new area LUNEBURG (7820), arriving there 12.00 hrs.  
ROSENTHAL S9328 8 1000 Main body left for new area, and by 18.00 hrs were settled in billets. locations:- Bn. H.Q. at ROSENTHAL (S9328), "A" and "D" Coys at NEETZE (S9322), "B" and "C" Coys at HITTBERGEN (S9031) and Sp Coy at KARZE (S9628).
"O" Gp held and Bn. area was divided into Coy responsibilities areas, and instructions issued that whole Bn. area would be systematically searched, commencing tomorrow 9th May.
  9   Coys commenced clearing operation - searching Bn. area for enemy equipment, arms and P.W's. Roads in Bn. area were also classified.  
  10   Operation continued. Baths at BLECKEDE.  
  11   Operation still in progress.
Instructions received from Bde that Operation "FILTER" would commence on the 12th May.
ROSENTHAL S9328 12   Operation "FILTER I" commenced. Object:- To collect
(a) itinerant D.P's. of both sexes and all nationalities other than German.
(b) members of German Armed Forces.
(c) tpt, horses and bicycles in possession of persons other than bona fide German civs.
(d) Arms.
P.W. Cages were established and numerous P.S's. collected and evacuated. Collection of D.P's. in all villages and disposal to D.P. camps was commenced.
  13-19   Operation "FILTER II" - a continuation of "FILTER I" was begun. Many P.W's. and D.P's. were transported to their respective camps, and ammunition was conveyed to Div dump.  
  20 1415 Operation "FILTER III" - C.O., I.O., "A" and "D" Coys, Carrier Pl, and 2 Secs Pnrs left for location of "FILTER III" i.e. HARBURG WEST. Operation entailed clearing Harburg W area of P.W's., D.P's., ammunition and equipment.  
  21   Further progress made in clearing ammunition from Bn. area. Preparation for move of Bn. H.Q., "B", "C", and Sp Coys to new area NEETZE.  
  22   Ammunition clearing discontinued owing to heavy demands on tpt, Unit Tpt having been called for in Harburg W area.
Maj. G. G. Reinhold M.C. left to proceed on course in USA.
  23   Instructions issued that Bn. would move to area NEETZE (S9322) on 24th May.
C.O. Lt.-Col. M. R. J. Hope-Thomson M.C. returned from HARBURG W area.
Orders of the day by Brig. Gen. G. W. St. G. Grogan V.C., C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O. Colonel The Worcestershire Regiment.
  24   Preparations for Bn. having been completed in NEETZE, Bn. commenced move at 09.30 hrs. Complete in new area by 16.30 hrs. Owing to heavy demands on Bn. tpt this move was somewhat difficult.  
NEETZE S9322 25   Bn. H.Q., "A" and "D" Coys, Carrier Pl and 2 Secs Pnr Pl. returned from Op "FILTER III". Bn. was now complete in NEETZE.  
  26   The 29 Club (Unit Canteen) opened. Amenities included dry and wet canteens, library, games room, writing room etc.  
  27   A guard for oil dump at BREETZE (S9923) was found by "C" Coy. Guard consisted of 1 platoon.  
  28   Bn. took over responsibility of the whole LK LUNEBURG, less portion East of River Elbe and LUNEBURG Enclave.  
  29   Progress in clearing area continued.  
  30   Progress in clearing area continued.  
  31   Progress in clearing area continued.  

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Source: The Worcestershire Regiment.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.