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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 8th Bn. The Rifle Brigade
Month and Year: February 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. E.D. Treneer-Michell
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HUNMANBY 5   The following new offrs were posted to the Bn as 1st Reinforcements and sent to Coys as shown: Lt. E.R.C. Yetman and Lt. I.B. Purvis to 'G' Coy, Lt. A.T. Dixon to 'H' Coy, Lt. S.G. Davenport to 'F' Coy Lt. F.G. McGinnis to 'E' Coy.
7   The American T.16 Carriers were withdrawn. The Bn prepared a report which was sent to H.Q. 21 Army Gp. etc.
9   R.S.M. A.H. Edwards who had been R.S.M. of the Bn since the beginning of the war was downgrgaded and posted to 2 M.T.B.
BRIDLINGTON 10   General Sir Bernard Montgomery, C in C 21 Army Gp inspected the Bn with the rest of 29 Armd Bde on the ground of BRIDLINGTON High School.
HUNMANBY 1 13   A period of intensive pl trg was carried out which included driving on and off landing craft.
WOLDS Trg Area 13 25   Bn complete took part in 8 Corps Ex Eagle. The Ex was largely designed to practise the sups system which worked excellently. Coys were all the time under Comd of Armd Regts. Early in the Exercise 'F' and 'G' Coys put in a two coy attack. Se Appxes A & B
HUNMANBY 26   Lt. Purvis was appointed Entertainments Officer in succession to Lt. Hubble.
29   Important deficiencies in eqpt at end of month: 20 mm guns: 6. The Bn is now authorised to hold 1st Reinforcements and as a result a certain amount of sorting out is still going on.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

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