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Army Form C.2118
Unit: HQ 159 Infantry Brigade
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Brigadier J.B. Churcher
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
B.L.A. 1   The Bde Gp consisted of the following: - 4 Ksli at VEULEN 7722, 8 Rb at IJSSELSTEIN 7223, with 2 Ff Yeo with one sqn at VEULEN. 1 Hereford at GRIENDTSVEEN 7017, 2 E Yorks from 3 Brit Div 6716, 15/19 H 6716 with sqn in res behind Bde Hq at IJSSELSTEIN, plus one bty of 119 Sp 17 pdr A Tk. During the day 2 Ff Yeo did some recce of rs across our front. The 15(S) Div continued their advance towards MEIJEL, meeting less opposition. Usual standing patrols were laid on.
2   During night the 8 Rb reported an enemy patrol of 10 men approached their fwd posn. Saa and mortar fire scattered the patrol. One of their standing patrols encountered the same patrol on its way back, capturing one Pw, identified from 180 Fus Bn. Out of the patrol, the Sjt Patrol Leader was killed and 3 wounded. During the day 3 Mon took over the posn in IJSSELSTEIN from 8 Rb - completed by 1500 hrs. 15/19 H returned to a res area behind the Bde Hq as Div res. 4 Ksli, still VEULEN, reported more enemy shelling and mortaring activity. 1 Hereford had littel to report.
2 1000 At approx 1000 hrs a Lancaster bomber returning from a bomber raid on DUISBURG crashed. 7 of the crew jumped, 5 landed over enemy lines, the Pilot Officer and rear gunner in the fwd area of 3 Mon. The pilot had a broken arm whilst the rear gunner was dead owing to flak in the face. Usual patrols were laid on for the night.
3   The Bde remained in same locations. The Bde area was shelled twice during the morning. Orders were issued from Division that 1 Wg and 5 Coldstreams of 32 Gds Bde wre coming down to relieve the Inf of the Div. 1 Wg were to take over from 4 Ksli - @ E Yorks to take over from 1 Hereford - 1 Hereford to go to DEURNE and rest - 4Ksli to take over from 3 Mon in IJSSELSTEIN. These moves were to take place on 4/5 Nov excepting 1 Hereford who were relieved at 1830 hrs by 2 E Yorks on 3 Nov. Bde Hq was to remain in its present location in command. teh 8 Rb of the Armd Bde were being relieved by 5 Coldstreams.
4 1500 At 1500 hrs 1 Wg main body arrived in the area and concentrated in preparation to take over from 4 Ksli at VEULEN. This was carried out smoothly during the night. 3 Mon being relieved by 4 Ksli and prepared to move to the GRAVE area for a rest on 5 Nov. Usual patrols were carried out during the night.
4 1030 At 1030 hrs recce parties from 1 Wg arrived. 2 E Yorks were in GRIENDTSVEEN 7117.
5   The Bde remained in same locations, 1 Wg at VEULEN, 1 Hereford at DEURNE at rest, 2Ff Yeo and 4 Ksli at IJSSELSTEIN, 2 E Yorks at GRIENDTSVEEN, 15/19 H in res north of Bde Hq. During the day the Hun shelled the Bde area quite considerably; it was thought the reason was because a medium gun had been calibrating in line with the Hqs; this was stopped later on in the day. During the night patrols were sent out.
6   The Bde remained in same locations; very little activity during the day.
6 1930 At approx 1930 hrs the Hun sent some bombers over, who attacked the area West of DEURNE. Patrols were sent out during the night. 1 Wg had some success with their patrols, killing at least four Huns and wounding some.
B.L.A. 7   2 Ff Yeo moved into Div res with sqn resting in HELMOND, 15/19 H taking over from 2 ff Yeo in VEULEN and two sqns in res. During the afternoon 1 Wg sent out a fighting patrol to the Nort of VEULEN, killing 4 Huns and generally beating them up. During the late afternoon some enemy shells landed in the 1 Wg's rear Bn area, resulting in seven trucks being brewed up. Patrols were arranged for the night.
9   The Bde remained in same locations. During the evening, 2 E Yorks were relieved by 4 Ksli. 2 E Yorks moved to DEURNE in preparation for a move back to 3 Brit Div. Little activity reported during the day.
11   The Bde remained. Reps of 3 Mon arrived at 0900 hrs in readiness to take over from 1 Wg who were returning to their own Bde the next morning. Littele activity reported during the day. The rds were in a very much worse condition. The route to VEULEN was almost impassible for wheeled vehs. At last light the hand-over started. By approx 1030 hrs the hand-over was completed, the only difference being the mud, which bogged quite a few vehs.
12   1 Wg now in DEURNE - moved off during the morning to rejoin their own Div. The Brigadier left in the morning on 48 hrs leave in BRUSSELS. Lt-Col Turner-Cain took over comd in his absence. Little or no activity reported during the day. The state of rds was becoming impassible. Supplies for the Mons were being arranged to be brougt up by horse and cart.
13   The Bde remained in same locations.
13 0750 At 0750 hrs the Inns Of Court Lo reported to us that the tp of scout cars on our front reported they had a Pw and since then nothing more had been heard. After a vertain time a further tp was sent down to investigate, the result being that the Pw was a scape goat, the tp having been ambushed, the two dvrs being killed and the Offr and Cpl reported missing presumed Pw. The Hun had tried to take the one going scout car away but got it bogged and then set it on fire. Usual patrols were organised, with an ambush laid on around the burt scout car. By the time our patrol arrived in the area the Hun was already there in some strength. Later on in the night our patrol returned and accupied the posn.
14   The Bde Comd returned from his 48 hrs leave. The Bde in the same locations. Little activity reported, but during the late evening shelling and Nbws increased.
8 0830 At 0830 hrs 1 Hereford took over from 4 Ksli in IJSSELSTEIN, the 4 Ksli moving to DEURNE Bks for a 48 hrs rest in preparation for taking over GRIENDTSVEEN. Other Bde locations remained the same. Patrols continued during the night. Air Marshal Tedder and General Dempsey visited the Hq and remained talking to the Brigadier for about half an hour.
B.L.A. 15   The Bde remained in same locations. The Bde was issued with 15 Weasels to facilitate cross-country work to help supply the Mons at VEULEN. Patrols carried out aggressive work during the night.
16   The Bde remained in same locations. Reps of Lincolns of 9 Bde ( 3 Brit Div) came to get as much infm as possible about VEULEN in readiness for a take-over from 3 Mon. Little activity from Bde front, although much activity head from the South where the 12 Corps attack was being put in.
17   The Bde remained in same locations. No activity reported.
18   The Bde remained in same locations. No activity reported. A conference at the 29 Armd Bde Hq was held to discuss the moves, times etc involved in the moves which were to take place, 3 Brit taking the 29 Armd Bde front incl VEULEN, commencing on 19 Nov.
19 0830 At 0830 hrs 1 Hereford moved from IJSSELSTEIN to DEURNE Bks, being clear by 0900 hrs. During the morning 8 Rb moved into the area and came under comd. During the afternoon 23 H took over from 2 Ff Yeo who moved to DEURNE Bks. During the darkness the 2 Lincs (9 Bde, 3 Brit Div) took over from 3 Mon at VEULEN, relief being complete 0930 hrs. 3 Mon then came under comd 29 Armd Bde. Little or no activity reported on the front.
10   The Bde remained in same locations. No activity reported.
20 0900 At 0900 hrs Bde Hq moved to its new location South of DEURNE at ZIJLBERG 663191. All the units were in their new locations, in readiness for their new advance, 4 Ksli remaining in GRIENDTSVEEN, 15/19 H ZIJLBERG, 2 Ff Yeo and 1 Hereford in DEURNE Bks. No activity reported on the front although contact was made with the Hun in the GRIENDTSVEEN area.
21   Contact was still kept with the Hun in the GRIENDTSVEEN area, although further to the South 15 (S) Div lost contact. No activity reported on the Div front. In the late afternoon 1 Hereford moved from DEURNE Bks to the area 7713, passing through 15 (S) Div in readiness for the attack on AMERIKA. The rds were reported as impassible.
22 0715 At 0715 hrs 4 Ksli commenced their adv on AMERIKA, followed by 1 Hereford on their own objective at ST ANTHONIS HOEVE. The advance was delayed by mines and weather conditions, rds being impassible to tks.
22 0800 At 0800 hrs Tac Hq moved to GRIENDTSVEEN. 1 Hereford reached AMERIKA unopposed and continued the adv on to the original objective of the 29 Armd Bde in the area 7819. 4 Ksli then moved to AMERIKA. Owing to the rds, craters, mines blown brs etc it was impossible to get food up to the units. A party of 60 Ors was organised to carry pack rations fwd. No opposition was reported during the day. Patrolling was carried out by 1 Hereford.
B.L.A. 23   Rain continued all day, making the weather more of a formidable obstacle than the enemy. No tks were ordered fwd owing to the condition of the rds.
23 1130 At 1130 hrs the rd GRIENDTSVEEN - AMERIKA was opened. The A Echs of 1 Hereford and 4 Ksli were sent forward. Bde Hq moved to AMERIKA. All rds were cratered. By dark, 4 Ksli were in SCHADIJK and 1 Hereford in the Woods to the West.
24   The Corps Comd visited 4 Ksli and 1 Hereford.
24 1430 Bde Hq moved at 1430 hrs to METERICK 807188. During the evening orders were received for the Bde to move back to the HELMOND area, The 15 (S) Div taking over our present posns.
25 1430 At 1430 hrs the Bde moved to a rest area for four or five days. 4 Ksli and Bde Hq to HELMOND, 1 Hereford to DEURNE Bks, 3 Mon to ASTEN.
26   Bde remained in rest area.
27   The Bde was informed that owing to unforseen circumstances it was to return to the line on 28th to hold sector of the MAAS from approx WESSERHOF to GRUBBENVORST, with under comd 3 Mon, 4 Ksli, 1 Hereford, 8 Rb, 15/19 H, the 29 Armd Bde being withdrawn to the BAKEL area.
28 1230 Bde Hq, Tac and Main, moved at 1230 hrs to MELDERSLO 854194, 8 Rb, 3 Mon and 1 Hereford occupying their posns - 4 Ksli and 15/19 H to move on 29 Nov. The line was extremely long, therefore Coys were very strung out. Locations of Bn Hqs were as follows: 8 Rb 884232, 3 Mon 885189, 1 Hereford 884168,. Div Hq moved to the area of KASTENRAAI.
29   15/19 H and 4 Ksli moved up into new area. 15/19 H area 862203, 4 Ksli 848184. Certain areas of land West of the Maas were reported flooded. At Kasteel 904217 still reported occupied. Necessary action being taken by us on the 30th.
30   The 3 Mon put in the attack on the Kasteel 904217 and BROEKHUIZEN 907221 with one sqn 15/19 H in sp, also the Div Arty. The objective proved to be a much harder nut to crack than originally expected. Owing to the two leading Coy Comds being put out of action and certain Pl comds killed, confusion set into the Coys. When Lt-Col Stockley, his 3 Ic, Major Allen and Io, Capt. Gibbs went forward to try and get it once again under control. This move met with failure, all being killed or wounded. The Hun put down considerable arty fire well controlled, also Sa fire from concealed posns in buildings. Eventually, all objectives were taken, incl 72 Pw, not counting dead and wounded. The 3 Monmouths themselves suffered severely in killed and wounded, including the Co and Io being killed.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Pim van Gelder.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.