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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 3rd R. Tks.
Month and Year: June 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. DAH Silvertop, MC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
Aldershot 1  
3   1000-1300 60 O.Rs went to RMC sandhurst to watch Passing Out parade.They were also shown round the OCTU Instructional Bldgs.
5 0930 Conference held by C.O. - Following attended Capt Dixon, Major Johnson, Capt Atkins and Capt Dear - Agenda - Admn in the Field - Rec to LAD area.
5 1400 Major Johnson and Capt Balharrie attended conference at Bde re Admn in the Field.All day - Gas chamber test for all ranks.
6 0915 C.O. attended conference at Bde.
6 0930 Film Show for 300 O.Rs "Battle of Britain" and Tunisian Victory"
7 0930 Maj Gen. G.P.B. Roverts GOC 11 Armd Div addressed all Officers - General situation in France - Div roles.After briefing - C.O. Adv Party - Major H.I. Upcott-Gill received trace, routes ect. to Div Concentration Area for use on disembarkation.
7 1200 Capt Hamill reported to HQ Aldershot Dist and returned with orders for move of Light party to Marshalling Area on 8 June.
7 1500 Unit conference held on the submission of returns in the field - Maj Johnson, Capts Dixon, Dingwall, Morris, Dear, Atkins, Balharrie. Its Maloney, Hehir, Cpl Clark, Sgt Sailley.
8 0530 Lt Party under Comd Capt Dixon left for Marshalling Area.
8 1200 Orders received from Aldis for move of Adv Party on 9 Jun.
8 1900 Orders received from SECO that move of Adv Party was postponed 24 hours. Appx A.
9 1000 Orders received from SECO move of Adv. Party postponed for 24 hours.
9 1200 Capt Hamill sent to Aldis for move orders. Returned with move orders fro Main party to move 10 June.
9 1400 Sqn Comds conference - Adm - Order of March.
9 1730 C.O. addressed all Officers on tactics and general points for operations.
9 2300 Message received from Bde that move of Main Party was postponed 24 hours.
10 1730 Adv Party moved to Marshalling Area under Comd Major H.L. Upcott-Gill. Appx B
11 0815 Mai n Party moved under Comd Major Burr to Marshalling Area, C.O. & Adlt went ahead to RCRP. Appx C
11 1130 Main Party divided into Craft Loads and allotted to Camps by Mov Control.
85314 11 1300 RHQ arrived at Camp A 11.
1"-1 mile 132 11 1800 C.O. visited Camps A2 and A13 where remainder of Main Pty were located.Most drivers and Comds reported with badly inflamed eyes due to dusty conditions of roads.
12   Stowage of vehs and general preparation for embarkation and Stage II waterproofing carried out.
13 1200 C.O. and I.O. went to Emb Area H.Q.
14 1700 C.O. and Adjt visited Emb Area HQ. C.O. informed Unit Serials in camp. All would move in two or three hours.
14 2030 RHQ moved from Camp A 11 to Embarkation Area.
Gosport 14 2230 Arrived Emb Area - Stage III waterproofing practically completed.
15 0800 RHQ moved from Emb Area to "Hards" for embarkation.
Stokes Bay 15 0830 RHQ embarked on LOT. Total lead 4 Sherman Vs and 1 Sherman "Bulldoze"
15 0900 LCT anchored. Sea calm. Sun shining.
15 1900 LCT left anchored and joined convoy.Remainder of Main Party embarked from PORTSMOUTH Area during the day.
JUNO Beach 16 0900 RHQ disembarked.
918768 1/50.000/7F1 16 1200 RHQ arrived in Div Con Area. Recce Tp, AA Tp and 5 tanks of A Sqn. Lt Party and Adv Party had already arrived.Bn in open leaguer round edge hedges and orchards.F Ech - Veh cooking. Al & A Ech - CookhousesA1 Ech - 400X SW. A Ech 1000X SW.Maintenance and rest.
16 1500 C.O. reported to Bde HQ and saw Brigadier.
17 1000 Maj. Gen G.P.B. Roberts GOC paid unofficiel visit and spoke to C.O.Remsinder RHQ, majority of A & B Sqns arrived during the day. Majority of C Sqn arrived late evening.Maintenance and rest.
18   Church service in village Church and unit lines.
18 1000 C.O. attends conferece at Bde, also Majors Burr, Close, Johnson, Capt Dingwall and Adjt.
18 1700 C.O. attends conference at Div HQ, C in C Gen Montgomery addressed all C.Os in Div.
18 1800 Sqn Comds, RHQ, AA, Recc Tp, 2IC, IC, attended conference.Points from C in C's address given out. General training points.All A & B vehs of unit arrived in Conc Area.
19   Normal routing - Sqn Tng - Map reading.
19 0900 C.O. visits 7 Armd Div area.
19 1400 C.O. visits ts C.O. 4 KSLI. ref cooperation
19 1800 Conference with Sqn Comds and C.O. G Coy 8 R.B. with P1 Combs G Coy 8 R.B. Discussion regarding co-operation with Mot Coy.
20 0930 Discussion with C.O., 2IC, Adjt, Coy Comds 4 KSLI regarding tank/inf co-operation. CO, 2IC, Adjt Sqn Comds (ASC), Recce Tp, RSO attended.
20 1400 Discussion in Sqn gps on inf/tk co-operation with Tp/Pl Comds from 4 KSLI; Demo Verey Lights - Sigs.
20 1700 CO, 2IC, Adjt, OsC ASC Sqn, Recce Tp inspect knocked out British tks. Talk by Brigadier on lessons to be learnt. Gen MC Dempsey GOC Second Army net C.O.
20 2000 Conference - CO,2IC,Adjt, OaV ASC Sqns, Recce Tp, RHQ, AA Tp, A & A1 Echs. - Admin.Maintenance and Sqn training.
21 1000 CO attended conference at Bde.
21 1200 Adjt attended "Q" conference at Bde. Agenda- Returns in Field.
21 1400 All Tk Comds attended demo of action of Tp of Tks and Mot P1 on contact. Demo given by G Coy 8 R.B. and C Sqn. O.C. 8 R.B. attended.
21 1800 Sqn Comds conference. Following attended - CO,2IC,Adjt,ABC HQ Comds, IO. OC G Coy 8 R.B. General plan of forthcoming 8 Corps operation discussed.Maintenance & Sqn training.
22 1000 CO visited C Sqn TEWT.
22 1400 Bn Sports Meeting in Bn Area. G Coy 8 R.B. also participated.Shield for highest No of points West to G Coy.Increased serial activity (Allied)Maintenance and Sqn training.
23 1800 CO attended conference for all Officers down to Lt Col at HQ 8 Corps. Maintenance & Sqn training.
918768 24 1645 29 Armd Bde O.O. No 1 received. Contained orders for 8 Corps operation "EPSOM" Intention - 8 Corps to break out of beachhead perometer. 29 Armd Bde seizing crossing R. ORNE.Maintenance & Sqn training.
25 0800 3 R Tks O.O. No.1 issued.
25 0845 CO and Adjt attend conference at Bde. General layout of Op "EPSOM".
25 1400 CO holds Orders Gp - Op "EPSOM".
25 1600 CO addresses all Tk Comds and Senior NCOs from Echs.Maintenance and preparation for move 26 June.
26 1300 Moved out.
26 1330 Halted - Ods shells.
26 1400 Moved on again.
26 1430 Arrived in assembly area.
26 1515 Received orders to move SOUTH of LE MESNIL PATRY 8970
26 1530 Started to move to LMP
26 1615 Halted. A Sqn engaged 3 or 4 Mk VI tanks.
910682 26 2330 Leaguered.
27 1000 Moved to take up posn at MOUEN.
934666 27 1230 C Sqn leading. Ran into small A/Tk & Tk screen - engaged them.General line of screen 944670-940663-930661.Approx strength 3 - 6 A/Tk guns, 6-9 Tks.
27 1630 RHQ 930668
27 1800 Attacks by rocket planes on aerodrome buildings 9667
27 1950 Orders received to move area 9361 in support of 23 H.To be relieved in present posn by Sqn of 4 Armd Bde.
27 2100 3 CLY arrive to take over.
27 2120 Take over completed
27 2230 Orders received to leaguer in area COLLEVILLE.
922651 28 0200 Leaguered.
28 0430 Broke leaguer and advanced from COLLEVILLE by road to area 933622. Reponsible when in this area for protection W & SW.
28 0630 Arrived area 933622 A & C Sqns engaged with enemy A/Tk guns and Tks numbers unknown. G Coy sent out a patrol and had 1 Officer killed and 12 O.Rs wounded.
28 1230 Relieved by 2 F & F Yeo and ordered to proceed to high ground at 9562 and come up on the left of 23 H.
28 1240 1 A Sqn tk runs over pile of mines in BARRON Village and blocks main road. Rest of unit then across country.
28 1330 Posn of obsercation in area 9562.
28 1500 Moved up to 956626 to relieve 23 H.
28 1530 Took over from 23 H.
28 2100 Posn shelled intermittently for 15 minutes.
28 2130 Very heavy MG fire and some medium A.P.
28 2230 Firing ceases.
961629 29 0130 Leaguered 951622 - 3 leaguers RHQ,& C., A & B Tp A/Tk Sty under comd and G Coy.
29 0430 Broke leaguer and moved back into open defensive posn.Remained in posn of observation to SE SOUTH and SW all day.B Sqn on left in support of 8 R.B.Intermittend shelling all day.
29 1010 RAF support - 18 rocket planes.Engaged about 12 Tiger and Panther and about 6 SP guns during the day.
29 2250 Orders received to move N of river during night.
29 2300 CO to Bde for Orders.
29 2330 Bn less B Sqn leaguered in 2 leaguers at 951629.
30 0300 B Sqn join C Sqn leaguer after having covered withdrawl of 8 R.B.
30 0330 Bn moves to Bde assembly area. Arrived assembly area 005692. Moved to area 915685 to be ready to take up battle posn to SOUTH and S.W.
30 1000 Area surrounded by gun posns.
30 1400 Moved to area 923693.
30 1430 Arrived in area 923693. Intermitten shelling about 500x NE of leaguer area.
30 2200 CO to Bde for Orders.
30 2230 Orders Gp. Unit to be prepared to move next morning from 0530 hrs. To be at 1 hours notice from that time. Task - to support 2 Bn Welsh Gds in counter attack role CHEUX area.
30 2230 2IC with Lt Goom to report to HQ 2 Bn Welsh Gds at 0530 hrs 1 July for liaison purposes.
30   Summary of Unit casualties.Summary of Enemy losses, claimed by unit. Appx E Appx F
30   Lt Col.,O.C. 3 R Tks.

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Source: 11th Armoured Division.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.