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Army Form C.2118
Unit: HQ 15 (S) Inf Div G (Ops)
Month and Year: June 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Maj Gen GHA MacMillan, CBE, DSO, MC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
WEST GRINSTEAD 1   Censorship instrs amendments issued under 1/10/G(I) Appx "A"
2   Letter regarding clearance of mines on rd verges issued under 85/G(O) " "B"
5   Letter regarding Beach Markings by day and night issued under 329/G/(O) " "C"
6   Commencement of ops for invasion of the Continent " "D"
6   Letter concerning accredited war correspondents by Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower KCB, Supreme Comd AEF received. " "E"
7   Letter regarding the issue of Unit Censor Stamps issued under 1/10/G(I) " "E"
7   Div Comd, ADC and Adv Party left for the Marshalling Area. Adv Party consisted of GSO 2, GSO 3(O)1 and LO 2.
7   Letter regarding hostile shelling reports issued under 134/G/(O) " "F"
7   8 Corps Sitrep Nos 1 and 2 received " "FF"
8   15(S)Div Standing Orders for Ops issued " "G"
8   Message O 94 amending above issued " "H"
9   8 Corps Sitrep No 3 received " "I"
9   15 (S) Div Sitrep No 4 issued " "J"
10   15(S)Div Standing Orders for Main Div HQ issued " "K"
10 2300 approx - Orders received for movement of Div HQ to Marshalling Area at SOUTHAMPTON
11 1230 Left WEST GRINSTEAD en route for SOUTHAMPTON
11 2100 Arrived in Transit Camp SOUTHAMPTON
SOUTHAMPTON 13 1630 Embarked in three LST as follows, LST V 62 HQ RASC, LST V 63 HQ Div Sigs and the 'G' Staff offrs who travel in CVs, LST V 64 HQ RA.
ASNELLES 14 2130 Party from LST V 62 landed on "JIG GREEN" beach in area ASNELLES (Map 1:50000 sheet YFS) 8786 and proceeded to assembly area near BUHOT 8684 where de-waterproofing was begun.
15 1000 Party as above moved to div conc area
ST GABRIEL 15 1200 Div HQ est (less HQ RA) 878795
15 1300 Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower KCB, Supreme Comd Allied Expeditionary Force visited this HQ
16   HQ at same place. Build up continues.
17 1630 At same location. HQ RA est and HQ now complete less residues
17 2100 Div Comds planning conference with Bde Comds
18   At same location
18 2100 Div Comds planning conference with Bde Comds
18   Some rain most of the day.
19   Same location
19 2115 Div Comds conference with Bde Comds etc. Weather dry.
20   Same location
20 2115 Div Comds conference with Bde Comds etc. Some rain earlier in day with a high wind during latter part.
21   Additions to 15 (S) Div Standing Orders issued under 68/G/(O) Appx "L"
ST GABRIEL 22 1940 OO No 1 issued in connection with Op EPSOM with appendices
22 1800 C-in-Cs conference at 21 Army Gp Tactical HQ attended by Div Comd
23   Div Mov Order No 1 for moves from present location to Assembly and " "N"
23   Gun Areas for Op EPSOM issued on D basis
23 1800 8 Corps Comds briefing at 8 Corps HQ attended by Div Comd
23 2040 Message O 54 giving D day for Op EPSOM issued " "O"
CULLY 24 1400 Main Div HQ moved to CULLY 9176
24 1500 Main Div HQ est at CULLY.
24   Mov Order No 2 for moves to Assembly area Night D-1/D issued for mov of certain units not catered for in Mov Order No 1 " "P"
CULLY 25 0240 Message O 54 issued on full distribution to the effect that certain rds are in view of the enemy and subject to enemy shelling. " "S"
25 0900 Div Comd briefed 44(L)Inf Bde on Op EPSOM.
25 1130 Message O 87 that respirators would be carried in unit tpt during Op EPSOM, but that they would be available at short notice. " "T"
25 1430 Div Comd briefed 227(H) Inf Bde on Op EPSOM.
25 1700 Div Comd briefed 46(H) Inf Bde on Op EPSOM
25 2100 Message O 92 regarding activities of Met 8 Corps " "V"
25   Letter regarding cases of the compromisation of codes and code signs by being carried by offr on recce issued under 1/3/G(I). " "W"
CULLY 25 2100 Op Instr O 95 concerning the use of the terms "H" hr etc during Op EPSOM and stating "H" hr to be 0730 hrs on 26 Jun. Appx "X"
25 2103 Message O 91 stressing the importance of submission of SHELREPS by the quickest possible means and giving SHELREP R/T net freq. " "U"
CULLY 26 0730 Op EPSOM begins.
PUTOT-EN-BESSIN 26 1350 Main Div HQ moves to PUTOT-EN-BESSIN at 915710.
26 1440 Main Div HQ est PUTOT-EN-BESSIN
26 2300 Message O 104 issued containing orders for the securing of crossings over R ODON as early as possible on 27 Jun. " "Y"
27 1020 Message O 106 to the effect that all ranks be infm that CHERBOURG is now captured and that the Russian armies are making a very rapid adv on the Eastern front. " "Z"
28 0110 Op Order No 2 for the organisation of a defensive posn on R ODON issued with trace showing dispositions to be occupied. (Traces were to be returned by LO). " "AA"
28 1100 8 Corps Comd's conference at this HQ.
29 2200 8 Corps Comd's conference at this HQ.
30   Op Instr O 144 regarding the relief of 46 (H) Inf Bde by 160 Inf Bde of 53 Div issued. " "BB"

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.