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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 7th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders
Month and Year: December 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. P.M. Hunt
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HORST 1   Bn in rest area.
The plan for Operation "GUILDFORD" received.
See Appendix 'A'
HORST 2   C.O. held briefing conference for all officers and Pl Sgts. See Appendix 'A'
HORST 3   Operation "GUILDFORD" See Appendix 'A'
MEIJEL 4   Bn at MEIJEL 7106 Rest Area. Ceases to come under Comd 44 Bde
MEIJEL 5   Commenced Trg
5 1000 Bde Comdr 46 (H) Inf Bde visits Bn HQ.
5 1215 Div Comdr visits Bn HQ.
MEIJEL 6   Carrying out Trg. Overhauling of Equipment and Weapons.
MEIJEL 7 1430 Bn left MEIJEL 7106 by march route, Coy pipers playing.
7 1600 Bn arrives at ASTEN 6013.
ASTEN 8 1550 Training. Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
ASTEN 9   Training. Film shows for troops.
ASTEN 10   Training. Dance organised by Mortar Pl.
ASTEN 11   Training. Film and ENSA Show.
ASTEN 12 1000 Training. Commanding Officer left for recce of BLERICK.
12 1800 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
ASTEN 13   Guard of Honour for Field Marshal Montgomery at ZOMEREN. The Bn provided Guard of Honour under Capt Keary. Div Comd expressed his satisfaction with the Guard by a complimentary letter.
ASTEN 14   Training.
ASTEN 15   Training.
C.O. left for recce of ROGGEL 7397.
ASTEN 16   Training.
C.O's 'O' Group.
ASTEN 17 0900 Bn leaves ASTEN 6013 M.T. Move. Takes over from 6 R Welsh Fusiliers.
17 1045 Bn arrives at ROGGEL 7397. Bn HQ 738977. On arrival at Bn area were bombed by 4 M.E. 262. No casualties. Enemy planes flew over area at intervals during morning.
ROGGEL 18   Bn at ROGGEL 738977 Training. Res Bn but supplying ANTI-PARATROOP PICQUETS and also carrying out Trg Programmes. Training areas recced with suitable PIAT and MORTAR ranges.
ROGGEL 19   Training. Res Bn. Coy and Specialist Platoon Training.
ROGGEL 20   Training. Res Bn. Coy and Specialist Platoon Training.
ROGGEL 21   Training. Res Bn.
21 1600 Pipe Band beat Retreat.
ROGGEL 22 1255 Bde Comdr visits Bn HQ.
22 1400 Bn leaves ROGGEL 738977.
22 1500 Bn arrives at NEER 7797. Take over posns from 9 Cameronians. Bn HQ 772978. 'A' Coy 775969. 'B' Coy 781976. 'D' Coy 795988. Bn takes over without incident. Patrols out during the night made no contact with enemy in Bn Area. Enemy movement on East side of R MAAS, sounds of horses and motor transport.
NEER 23 0030 Bn same area. At about 0800 hrs an enemy Patrol penetrated to area of 781965 near sec position of 'A' Coy. When challenged they replied "Patrol!!" and immediately opened fire with automatic small arms. Fire was returned immediately and enemy patrol withdrew. Two of 'A' Coy's men were wounded. The enemy made off in a South Westerly direction into thick fog and darkness.
23 0845 Five enemy approached Houses 790955 where section of 'A' Coy was situated along with two I Sec men on OP Duties. The enemy managed to get up close to house under cover of very thick fog. They captured two of our men as they were going towards slit. Cpl Price, one of the captured, made an attempt to escape, and was shot and killed. The other captive was slightly wounded in leg, but made good his getaway. When fired upon the enemy made off, but one, a Cpl in the G.A.F. was shot and killed. One other was wounded but managed with the others to get away. The area was under enemy observation from East Bank of R MAAS, and pursuit of enemy was held up by heavy M.G. fire from that side.
23   Cas. Own 3 Wounded 1 Killed. Enemy 1 Killed 1 Wounded.
23   Patrols. Contact Patrols of fighting strength between Pl Posn 790956 and Pl Posn 779967 and 775964.
23   Contact Patrols between fwd posn and fwd posn of 2 GLASGOW H along R MAAS.
23   Contact Patrols of fighting strength to move along River MAAS from WAIJE to Pl Posn 787972.
23   Fighting Patrol to destroy any enemy in 3 Houses at 789967.
23 0540 Patrol made contact with enemy, strength 15 to 25 men, in area of Red Roofed House at FERRY 792972.
NEER 24   Some enemy shells landed near Bn Area, and South 4 salvos of Nebelwerfer landed near 2 GLASGOW H area. Shell Reps were immediately sent through.
24 1130 Divisional Commander visited Bn HQ and went to fwd O.P.
24 1200 Brig Comd visited Bn HQ.
24   One Pl of 'C' Coy to attack and clear area of FERRY HOUSE 792971 and capture or destroy any enemy there. After capture to occupy area as Standing Patrol.
24 1630 Pl of 'D' Coy occupy area FERRY HOUSE 792971. No enemy were encountered. Snipers on observation patrol along Bank of R MAAS area of small gullies 790975. Wire and Mine signs observed on EAST Bank of MAAS at bend of River 795975.
24   Patrols - Four Standing Patrols have been detailed to take up posns - one at 791955 with Bren section up to bank of River MAAS. - At FERRY HOUSE area 792971 - At Houses 790966 - At Houses WAIJE 794979 with L.M.G. Section on River Bank.
NEER 25   Christmas Day. The Padre is holding services to-day in the cellar of Houses at Bn HQ. As many men as could be spared by fwd Coys attended his services.
25 1200 Brigade Comd visited Bn HQ.
25   All was quiet in fwd areas. O.Ps report no enemy movement seen on EAST Bank of MAAS.
25   Standing Patrols as on previous night kept watch on Bn front. Nothing to report.
NEER 26   Bn holding positions WEST of River MAAS. Bn HQ 773978.
26 1030 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
26 1148 Three bombs dropped near 'D' Coys area thought to be from Jet Propelled plane. No damage.
26   Patrols reported a quiet night. No enemy patrols in Bn area. OPs observed some enemy movement and sounds of both horse and motor vehicles EAST of the MAAS.
NEER 27   Bn holding positions WEST of River MAAS. Bn HQ 773978.
27 1200 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
27   No enemy patrols reported in Bn Area during night. Some shells landed in village of NEER. Standing Patrols report no movement of enemy heard or seen this side. OPs had little to report as there was heavy ground fog.
Weather: Thick white frost.
NEER 28   Bn holding positions WEST of River MAAS. Bn HQ 773978.
28   Another quiet day except for some shells in and near village of NEER. No enemy reported in Bn Area. Standing Patrols and OPs report all quiet.
Weather: Heavy white frost - Sprinkling of Snow.
NEER 29   Bn holding positions WEST of River MAAS. Bn HQ 773978.
An enemy Patrol of 4 men approached 'D' Coy during night and were engaged by them. They immediately scattered and went in direction of 10 H.L.I.
Propaganda leaflets were found nearby and telephone lines cut. There was thick fog at time and nothing more was seen of enemy.
NEER 30   Bn holding positions WEST of River MAAS. Bn HQ 773978.
'D' Coy moves its Pls forward. Coy HQ remains in same location. One Pl of Coy moved into area of Factory with section taking up Standing Patrol posn at 797980. One Pl took up posn at 793971 covering the river in a SE direction. Wiring in of posns was started and line communication joined with Coy of 10 H.L.I. No enemy reported in Area.
NEER 31   Bn holding positions WEST of River MAAS. Bn HQ 773978.
31 1100 Bde Comd visits Bn HQ.
31   A quiet day. Some enemy shells landed near Bn Area but did no damage. At 2400 hrs two minutes fire from Arty, 4.2M, 3" M and MMG was put down on known enemy posns across the MAAS as a New Year Greeting. Immediately flares of many colours were lighted up the EAST side of the MAAS. No counter fire was returned. Standing Patrols report no enemy movement this side of MAAS during night. Weather: Heavy frost.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.