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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2 Lincolns
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.Col. C.L. Firbank
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HOLLAND 1   This month opened very quietly. Snipers operating in front of our forward posirtions.
2   To-day we received instructions for laying two minefields forward of "D" Coy's positions.
2 1500 The R.E. officer made his recconaisance and protected by covering party from "A" Coy, both field were completed without accident by 2215 hrs.
3   The forward Coys were subjected to light shelling. "D" Coy losing 1 OR killed and 1 OR wounded.
HOLLAND 4   Recce party under Maj. L.H.B. Colvin MC visited 1st Suffolk Regiment preparastory to change-over. Battalion completed the relief by 2000 hrs it will be necessary for "D" Coy, under the command by by Maj. P.H.W. Clarke, to be relieved after dark. "A" Coy commanded by Maj. S.J. Larkin came under the command of the 2nd Bn Royal Ulster Rifles and took position with Coy HQ at 791323. During the afternoon , "A" Coy was visited by the Brigadier and the Commanding Officer. A few shells landed by the area during this visit but nu casualties sustained.
5   The day was spent improving billets. Very uneventful apart from one casualty caused by a booby trap
6   "A" Coy returned to Battalion area having been relieeved by The Royal Ulster Rifles.
7   A platoon of "C" Coy was detached to act as local protection to the A/Tank guns at 784335; 2/Lt. Orwin rejoined the Battalion having been granted an emergency commission.
8   A Platoon of "A" Coy was sent to VIERLINGSBEEK in support of "C" sqn Recce, with the object of ambush a German 'Bazooka'Party. No enemy patrols our positions so the ambush did not materialise. To-day Lt. Piper rejoined the Battalion having been granted an imediate commission.
8 1400 Recce party consisting of company representatives under Maj. L.H.B. Colvin MC visited 2BN The Royal Ulster Rifles.
HOLLAND 9   The Bn relieved Royal Ulster Rifles and established companies at 'A' Coy 791323 'B' Coy 794317 'C' Coy 792323 'D' Coy 793316 and Bn. HQ at 784322. During the day 'C' Coy had one casualty caused by a mortar bomb.
10   Spent in improving positions by means of communication trenches etc.
11   Light shelling and mortar fire otherwise fairly quiet.
12   During the night (400 hrs) was attacked by a strong nenemy fighting patrol, both sides suffering casualties.
13 0630 Standing patrol of 'D'Coy whilst moving into position was fired on by a Spandau and sustained three casualties; Recce party under Maj. L.H.B. Colvin MC went to ST. ANTHONIS.
HOLLAND 14   The Battalon was releived by 1 KOSB and movedto the areanof ST. ANTHONIS with Bn. HQ at 726379. To-day Field Marshall Sir Bernard Montgomery KC.B. D.S.O. Commander-in-Chief 21 Army Group visited the area to present decoratios to Officers and men of the 9th British Infantry Brigade. Members of the Battalion who received awards were, Maj. L.H.B. Colvin MC and Lcpl. Dyson MM. During our stay in ST. ANTHONIS the battalion was at 3 hours notice to operate in a counter attack role as detailed in 2 Lincolns O.O. no. 8.
15,16, 17,   During this period the Battalioin enjoyed a well-earned rest. Advantage was taken of this period and we checked and cleaned weapons, stores and equipment.
19 1030 Recce parties under Maj. L.H.B. Colvin MC moved to concentration area at 749251 and the Battalion arrived during the afternoon.
19 1730 The battalion moved forward to relieve 3 Monmouths. The relief was carried out quietly, efficiently and wthout incident.
20   Fairly heavy shelling and mortaring throughout the day. Standing patrols were maintained by 'B' and 'D' Coys
21   Light enemy mortar activity troughout the day increasing during the night.
HOLLAND 22   Orders were received to continue our advance to the MAAS. Troops were briefed and all preparations were made fore the following morning.
23 0600 To-day we started an 'advance to contact' operation and reached our objective without opposition from the enemy. We advance from VEULEN to SCHOON searching on the way the 'Factory'at 777227 and a demolished radiolocation station at 780226. The Battalion concentrated with companies at 'A'Coy 793235 'B'Coy 787233 'D'Coy 794232 with 'C'Coy forward at 802242. Bn HQ at 789234
24   A force comprised of 'C' Coy 2 Det Mortars, sec. carriers, under command of Maj. L.H.B. Colvin MC pushed forward to the MOLENBEEK at 856243 and remained there until 1600 hrs when the were revieled by The Royal Ulster Rifles.
25   Under instruction from Brigade we made a recce of all roads leading to the MOLENBEEK to see if they would take heavy convoys, but the majority of the roads proved very unsuitable as they were little better than cart tracks.
26   Church services conducted by the Padre were held in Battallion area.
HOLLAND 27   General clean up. Kit inspection etc. Batt.Recce party under Lt. Col. C.L. Firbank visited the 2nd Bn. East Yorkshire Regt in the area SMAKT, MAASHEES.
28   Coy recce parties visited the area and contacted their opposite numbers in the East Yorkshire Batt.
29   Orders were received postponing move for a minimum of 24 hours
30   Spent in getting thoroughly acquited with our future area

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Theo Vervoort.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.