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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2nd Bn. East Yorkshire Regt.
Month and Year: December 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. N.J. Dickson, TD
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
SMAKT 1   Bn. prepares to move to GEMERT.
1   1 S. Lancs Regt. moved back to rest area 6332.
1   Quiet day with little activity on our front.
1   20 Rfts arrived to-day.
2   Bn. moved to GEMERT for a rest. Ref Map Sheet 18 NE HOLLAND 1/25,000
2   2 Lincolns took over our positions, with one platoon relieving 1 Suffolks in GEIJSTEREN.
2   Move completed by 14.00 hrs.
GERMERT 3   Day spent in settling down in new area.
3   8 Bde HQ established in school 574306.
4   A Coy held a dance in GEMERT which was a great success.
5   Adm. cont.
6   Adm during the day.
6   B Coy held a dance in the evening.
7   C.O.s recce prior to taking over from Norfolks in HAPS area.
7   C Coy held a dance in the evening.
8   D Coy held a dance.
9   HQ Coy held a dance in Hotel de Keizer. The C.O. and Adjt. were present.
10   Church Parade in GEMERT Monastry, followed by march past. The salute was taken by Gen. Whistler Div Commander.
10   Recce party moved off to HAPS.
11   Field Marshall Sir Bernard Montgomery visited Monastry Theatre GEMERT at 11.00 hrs to present decorations and awards to Officers and men of the battalion:-
11   C Coy – Major R. Rutherford – M.C.
11   C Coy - Lieut Oates – M.C.
11   Sigs – Cpl. Jones – M.M.
11   S.B.s – L/Cpl. Cass – M.M.
11   D Coy – Pte. Broadbank – D.C.M.
11   A Coy – Cpl. Carpenter – M.M.
12   Bn. leaves GEMERT 11.00 hrs for HAPS. Move completed by 12.30 hrs. Bn. HQ established at 705451 with Coys as follows:- “A” OEFFELT 754457 “B” ST. AGATHA 739476 “C” 703454 “D” 706453 “SP” 704453. Ref Map Sheet 12 SW (East) HOLLAND 1/25,000
12   1 Suffolks relieving KSLI in area 721417.
12   1 S Lancs Regt. relieving Warwicks in area 790356.
12   Bde HQ established at 678415.
12   6 mortar bombs fell in B Coy area during the afternoon, no casualties.
HAPS 13   Considerable mortar activity throughout the day; ST. AGATHA B Coy being the main target, receiving in all upwards of 30 bombs, no damage or casualties. Ref Map Sheet 12 SW (East) HOLLAND 1/25,000
14   Visibility very poor, heavy mist obscures view from O.P. till mid afternoon. River MAAS shows slight rise during night.
15   B Coy O.P. report visibility poor; water risen 6”. Spandau and light mortar fire from 745483 engaged by artillery. Wheeled vehicles moving on MIDDELAAR GENNEP road, successfully engaged by Middx 4.2s.
16   Recce party left for new area in HORST.
16   Some activity of German patrols during night. Enemy patrol ambushed 2 Suffolks vehicles near A Coy position. Driver and Officer escaped. 1 German found dead.
16   More movement of vehicles on MIDDELAAR – GENNER road. Middx mmgs. engaged MG fire from 745433.
17   Church Parade held in HQ dining hall, in the middle of which German ME 109 was shot down by Tempests and crashed in flames in area 713452. Pilot was captured by Canadians.
17   The Brigade Commander presented certificates of award to Officers and NCOs of the battalion, followed by a march past.
17   Advance party moved off to new area under 2i/c.
18   Bn. less A and B Coys moved to HORST area at 11.45 hrs. A and B Coys joined us at 15.00 hrs. Ref Map Sheet 4502 HOLLAND 1/25,000
18   Bn. HQ established at 829191, “A” 831195 “B” 825207 “C” 829199 “SP” 825192, Brigade HQ at 834182.
19   Brigadier visited battalion in the afternoon, and went round billetting area with 2i/c.
20   Recce party left for SMAKT area.
21   Bn. moved to SMAKT area, and took over from Lincolns. Bn. HQ established in rectory 799315. Coys in areas “A” 799318 “B” 812331 "C” 807346 VIERLINGSBEEK : D: 818316 MAASHEES. Carrier Platoon less 1 section at DEN BOSCH area 809337. Ref Map Sheet 4402 HOLLAND 1/25,000
21   A few shells landed in A Coys area about lunch time, no casualties.
21   C.O. left for PARIS on short leave.
SMAKT 22   Intelligence O.P.s established at VIERLINGSBEEK and MAASHEES. Some shelllng throughout the day, mainly in VIERLINGSBEEK where about 12 rounds fell, no casualties.
23   4 rounds 88 mm fell in VIERLINGSBEEK area causing little damage and no casualties.
24   Enemy working party observed by Int O.P. in area 825361 engaged by artillery.
24   Flooding in area subsided considerably.
25   Enemy sent Xmas greetings in the form of 25 shells in SMAKT area, no casualties. Xmas dinner was appreciated by all, forward Coys, sending one platoon for their fare at a time.
25   A Coy buildings at 807310 caught fire about 17.00 hrs, ablaze all night.
25   3 enemy patrols crossed MAAS in the evening. DF tasks brought down.
26   12 shells fell in area SMAKT this morning, followed by odd rounds in the afternoon, no casualties.
26   Visibility poor throughout the day.
27   10 shells landed in SMAKT area during the morning, no damage or casualties. Considerable enemy movement reported East of the MAAS between BERGEN and AAIEN. Weather cold and frosty. Ref Map Sheet 4302 HOLLAND 1/25,000
28   6 civilians crossed the MAAS, and were picked up by A Coy patrol in SMAKT. They gave information of enemy concentration East of the MAAS.
29   3 smoke shells landed in VIERLINGSBEEK this morning, considerable movement in BERGEN engaged by 4.2s. Further movement East of the MAAS reported during the afternoon, engaged by artillery.
29   Enemy reported wiring bank of river MAAS South of AAIEN.
29   River MAAS at MAASHEES down 18”.
29   8 Inf Bde came under command of 2nd Canadian Corps.
30   Some shells fell in battalion area throughout the day, no casualties. MG in windmill South of AAIEN engaged by artillery.
30   7 white verey lights fired from B Coy, enemy replied later with 6 reds.
31   Some coloured flares from East of MAAS during the evening, otherwise quiet.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.