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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1st Lothians & Border Yeomanry
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. C.J.Y. Dallmeyer, DSO, TD
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1   Series. G.S.G.S. 4336 (1943) – Scale 1/100000 BELGIUM AND N.E. FRANCE
Sheet No’s. 2 (GHENT) 3 (ANTWERP) 4 (MAESYCKE). 9 (Liege)
1   Series GSGS 4416 (N) (1944) Scale 1/1000000 Central Europe.
Sheet No’s R/1/West (Koln. West).
Appxs E/1 E/2 E/5
1   Situation at 0001 hours 1 NOV 44

Op (INFATUATE) in Sp 4th S.S. Bde.:
- A Sqn less 1 Tp and A and B Echs
- Tac R.H.Q. 1

Servicing Op ‘INFATUATE’ Tps before leaving:
- A Sqn 1 Tp – (u/c C Sqn) at BLANKENBURGHE
- A Sqn A Ech – at DE HAAN
- A Sqn B Ech ) at BLANKENBUGHE.
- Tac RHQ 2

In Sp 2 Cdn Corps at MALDEGEM:
- Main RHQ
- B Sqn less 2 Tps
Appx J/29 J/30
- B Sqn 2 Tps & Tac HQ
- Tac RHQ 3

“C” Sqn complete. In Sp 2 Cdn Corps. At WYNGHENE.

Composition of Tac RHQs :
- Tac RHQ 1 – Co. Sigs Offr. (LO att 47 Cdo)
- Tac RHQ 2 – Adjt. EME. QM. I.O
- Tac RHQ 3 – 2 i/c. Capt.J.Watson. (att. From 264 Special Delivery Sqn)
MALDEGEM 1   AM: Tac RHQ rejoined RHQ (Main) here.
WYNGHENE 1   AM: A Sqn Tp u/c C Sqn moved to join C Sqn here. Appxs J/1. J/2 J/3 J/15 J/16 J/17 J/18 H/3 H/11 E/6 H/5 J/8 J/12 J/9 J/10 J/11 J/13 J/14 J/19
WALCHEREN 1   A Sqn less 1 Tp and A and B Echs and Tac RHQ 1 – Op ‘INFATUATE’
(OSTEND) 1   P.M.: 4 Flails u/c Lieut.TB.Sloan returned. Appx J/24 J/31
OOOSTEBORG 1   2 Tps and Tac HQ of B Sqn plus Tac RHQ 3 – Op ‘SWITCHBACK’ Appxs E/4. E/3. Appx H/1.
MALDEGEM 1/3   Warning Orders received and issued for move 4/6 Nov of Regt less A Sqn to new location. Harbour parties sent off.
OOSTEBORG 2   B Sqn party – Op ‘ SWITCHBACK’
2   PM: B Sqn party – Op completed and Tps released.
WALCHEREN. 2   A Sqn party – Op ‘INFATUATE’.
MALDEGEM 3   AM: Op ‘SWITCHBACK’. Tac RHQ 3 rejoined Main RHQ.. B Sqn 2 Tps and Tac HQ rejoined Sqn HQ. Appx J/6
WALCHEREN 3   Tac RHQ and A Sqn (less 2 Tps and A and B Echs) – Op ‘INFATUATE’
MALDEGEM 3   AM: Capt.J.Watson. (264 Special Delivery Sqn) ceased to be attached to the Regt on posting to 269 Forward Delivery Sqn.
3   Situation at 1620 hrs 3 NOV 44.: -
MALDEGEM 3 1620 B Sqn & Main RHQ Complete. In reserve. Waiting for move orders to move 5/6 NOV.
WYNGHENE 3 1620 C Sqn. Complete with 1 Tp A Sqn u/c waiting for move orders to move 4 NOV. In reserve.
BLANKENBURGHE 3 1620 A Sqn 1 Tp and A and B Echs. Awaiting return of Op ‘INFATUATE’ Tps.
WALCHEREN 3 1620 A Sqn less 2 Tps and A and B Echs – Op ‘INFATUATE’
MALDEGEM 3   AM: Lt.JW.Bell (RHQ) returned from course in the United Kingdom.
BLANKENBURGHE 3/4   A Sqn – Op ‘INFATUATE’ – Some crews from casualty Crabs returned from WALCHEREN via OSTEND.
WALCHEREN 4   A Sqn ‘INFATUATE’ Force and Tac RHQ – Operations.
WYNGHENE 4   AM: C Sqn left harbour to move to new location. Appx H/2
CASTEREN (E/2614) 4   PM: C Sqn Wheels (Sqn less Tks) in new harbour area here. C Sqn Tks on Tptrs
PM: C Sqn tks on Tptrs bivouaced on route to this new area.
MALDEGEM (J/0098) 4   B Sqn and RHQ (less Tac RHQ) – Maintenance, etc. and preparation to move to new area.
4   AM: Regt put u/c 1 Asslt Bde RE while remaining in the old area. Sub-units to go u/c 30 Armd Bde on their arrival in new locations.
AM: Regt less ‘INFATUATE’ Force – in sp 2nd Army.
AM: ‘INFATUATE’ Force in sp 4th S.S. Bde.
NETERSEL (E/2414) 5   B Sqn HQ and Wheels moved to new area in billets here. B Sqn Tanks (on Tptrs) started to move to this area.
CASTEREN 5   C Sqn Tks (on Tptrs) moving to join C Sqn HQ and wheels here.
HOOGELOON 5   PM: Adjt opened up RHQ here.
CASTEREN 6   Aft.: C Sqn tanks arrived at Sqn HQ. C Sqn now complete here.
NETERSEL 6 2359 B Sqn tanks arrived at Sqn HQ. B Sqn now complete here.
HOOGELOON 6   PM: Small RHQ Party arrived. Main RHQ opened here.
MALDEGEM 6   Rear RHQ waiting for Orders to move to HOOGELOON to join Main RHQ.
BLANKENBURGHE 6   A Sqn residues awaiting return of Op ‘INFATUATE’ Force.
WALCHEREN 6   A Sqn Op ‘INFATUATE’ Force and Tac RHQ - Op ‘INFATUATE’. Tac RHQ given release orders and awaiting favourable weather to return.
A Sqn ‘INFATUATE’ Force continuing in fire sp role.
HOLSEL (E/2213) 7   AM: This village earmarked as eventual harbour area for A Sqn, in Regt conc area.
BLANKENBURGHE 7   AM: Tac RHQ returned from Op ‘INFATUATE’ and joined A Sqn residue here.
WALCHEREN 7   A Sqn (less residue) – Op ‘INFATUATE’.
Op ‘INFATUATE’ – Casualties reported to date:-
No. 7899118 Tpr. Leyland, W. “RHQ” ---KILLED.
No. 4547534 Tpr. Garbutt, A. “A” – WOUNDED.
HOOGELOON 7   PM: Rear RHQ rejoined Main RHQ. RHQ (less Tac RHQ) now complete here. RHQ tanks and some of A Sqn tanks on the move to new area here. Appx G/1, J/7.
HOOGELOON 8   Aft.: Tac RHQ rejoined Main RHQ. RHQ now complete here.
CASTEREN 8   “C” Sqn. Maintenance, etc.
NETERSEL 8   “B” Sqn. Maintenance, etc.
WALCHEREN 8   “A” Sqn – Ops.
BLANKENBERGHE 8   “A” Sqn Residues – Training & Maintenance, etc. Appx E/7
CASTEREN 9   “C” Sqn. Training & Maintenance, etc.
NETERSEL 9   “B” Sqn Training & Maintenance, etc.
HOOGELOON 9   “RHQ”. Training & Maintenance, etc.
- “A” Sqn Residues commanded by:-
- Part of F Ech. At HOLSOL – Sgt. Miller.
WALCHEREN 9   “A” Sqn – Ops.:
- A & B Echs at BLANKENBERGHE – Lt. T.B. Sloan.
- All other “A” Sqn Offrs in WALCHEREN force.
HOOGELOON 9   A.M.: Lt. J.W. Bell, RHQ., took over duties of o.i/c RHQ Tks, and Entertainments & Welfare Offr.
A.M.: Lt. TCC. Russell took over duties of O.i/c RHQ Wheels & Asst to P.R.I. & 2 i/c RHQ.
HOOGELOON, CASTEREN, NETERSEL, HOLSOL, BLAKENBERGH 10   Regiment, less “A” Sqn Force on WALCHEREN, Maintenance, Training, etc.
Area E/3410 S of STEENSEL 10   P.M.: “C” Sqn moved to temporary night harbour here at 2000 hrs.
WALCHEREN 10   “A” Sqn Force – Op. “INFATUATE”.
S. of STEENSEL 11   A.M.: “C” Sqn moved off on commencement of move to new area 30 Corps area.
NETERSEL 11 1330 “B” Sqn moved off on commencement of move to new area 30 Corps area.
HOOGELOON 11 1300 Tac RHQ moved to HQ 30 Corps at BEEK (K/6361)
WATERSCHIEDE (K/4468) 11   P.M.: B.&.C. Sqns in temporary night harbour here, on move to new area.
BEEK. 11   P.M.: Tac RHQ established as Advisor HQ at HQ 30 Corps here.
HOOGELOON 11   Main RHQ remained in same harbour area here. Appx J/23
11   A.M.: Support:
Allocation of Regt :-
- “B” Sqn: In sp 30 Corps.
- “C” Sqn: In sp 30 Corps.
- Tac RHQ.: In sp 30 Corps.
- “A” Sqn “INFATUATE” Force – In sp of 4 SS Bde.
- Regt., less above, in 2 Army reserve.
11   Command:
“A” – u/c 30 Armd Bde.
BEEK 11   P.M.: Composition of Tac RHQ.
C.O., 2 i/c., IO., Sigs Offr., with O.Rs. and Vehicles.
BLANKENBERGHE 11 0700 “A” Sqn “INFATUATE” Force expected back at any time now – but not yet arrived.
Tech Adjt attd “B” Sqn for a period.
EME attd “C” Sqn for a period.
1 RHQ Sherman put u/c “B” Sqn.
1 RHQ Sherman put u/c “C” Sqn.
Appx H/6 E/8.
NUTH (K/7059) 12   “B” & “C” Sqns moved to Billets here – in sp 30 Corps, sub-allotted :-
“B” Sqn in sp Sherwood Rangers Yeo., which is u/c 84 U.S. Div.
“C” Sqn in sp 13/18th Hussars and 4/7th R.D.G. which is u/c 43 Div.
BEEK 12   Tac RHQ in billets at 3 Prog Spronck Park, BEEK – as Advisor HQ at HQ 30 Corps.
WATERSCHIEDE (K/4569) 12   Lt. J.W. Bell established Adv. Main RHQ here.
HOOGELOON 12   Main RHQ Maintenance and preparation for move.
CASTEREN 12   A.M.: Sgt. Miller’s Party moved from HOLSOL in billets here vacated by C Sqn.
BLAKENBERGHE 12   A.M.: “A” Sqn “INFATUATE” Force had not returned by 120700A. “A” Sqn A & B Echs – Maintenance, etc.
13   No further news at RHQ of “A” Sqns movements.
NUTH 13   “B” & “C” Sqns Preparations for Ops.
BEEK 13   Tac RHQ. Preparations for Ops.
WATERSCHIEDE 13   P.M.: Main RHQ moved into Billets here.
HOOGELOON 13   A.M.: Rear RHQ left in old location (Rear RHQ – OC RHQ & QM & party of ORs & Vehs.)
13   A.M.: Sgt. Miller’s “A” Sqn party moved to CASTEREN to join Rear HRQ.
WATERSCHIEDE 13   P.M.: RHQ Tanks allotted to Sqns: 1 to “B” Sqn, 1 to “C” Sqn, 1 to Sgt Miller’s “A” Sqn Party. Detached until further notice.
13   P.M.: Reported that “A” Sqn Party complete, had returned from WALCHEREN, 12 Nov.
“A” Sqn, less Sgt Miller’s party, complete at BLANKENBERGHE p.m. 12 Nov.
13   P.M.: Reported that “B” Sqn had moved 13 Nov to GULPIN K/7047.
13   P.M.: Orders issued for “A” Sqn to move 14 Nov to conc. at HOOGELOON.
NUTH (K/7059) 14   C Sqn – Preparation for Ops. 2 i/c moved from Tac RHQ to attchd “C” Sqn.
GULPEN (K/7047) 14   B Sqn – Preparation for Ops. Tac RHQ moved to B Sqn area.
WATERSCHIEDE (K/4569) 14   AM: Rear RHQ moved to this area and rejoined Main RHQ here.
HOOGELOON (K/2814) 14   “A” Sqn BLANKENBERGHE party moved here to join Sgt. Miller’s Party.
“A” Sqn now complete here.
15   “A” Sqn complete – Maintenance, etc.
WATERSCHIEDE (K/4569) 15   RHQ Main – Maintenance, Trg, normal duties, etc.
The following have to date, been to BRUSSELS for 48 hours leave –
“A” Sqn – NIL Offrs and 12 ORs. B Sqn – 3 Offrs and 7 ORs.
“C” Sqn – 3 Offrs and 11 ORs. “RHQ” – 2 Offrs and 19 ORs.
BEEK 15   Tac RHQ returned to this area and re-opened Tac RHQ near HQ ‘Drewforce’ here.
GULPEN 15   B Sqn complete. Preparation for Ops.
NUTH 15   C Sqn complete. Preparation for Ops.
WATERSCHIEDE 15   Allocations remain as before. Regt less A Sqn u/c “DREWFORCE”
“A” Sqn u/c 30 Armd Bde.
WATERSCHIEDE (K/4569) 16   AM: 1 Offr RHQ and 3 Offrs and 4 ORs A Sqn despatched to BRUSSELS for 48 hrs leave.
Main RHQ – Normal duties.
WABBACH (K/8159) 16   Tac RHQ moved into billets here. Preparation for Ops.
PALENBERGE (K/8459) 16   B Sqn F Ech and A1 Ech moved into billets here. Preparation for Ops.
NUTH (K/7059) 16   B Sqn A2 Ech and B Ech ) here. Preparation for Ops.
C Sqn complete )
HOOGELOON (E/2814) 16/17   “A” Sqn complete here, on maintenance, etc.
NUTH 17   A.M.: L.O. joined 2 i/c, attd “C” Sqn.
17   “C” Sqn – preparation for Ops.
17   B Sqn Echs – normal duties.
PULENBERG 17   “B” Sqn preparation for Ops.
WABBACH 17   Tac RHQ preparation for Ops.
WATERSCHIEDE 17   Main RHQ – normal duties.
17   A.M.: No. 7888839 W/Sgt. JACKSON, W., apptd Local SSM, as SSM of RHQ.
17   Regt (less “A” Sqn) u/c Drewforce and Tac RHQ dealing direct with Drewforce for purposes of forthcoming ops – but Main RHQ remaining in touch with HQ., 30 Armd Bde for purpose of dealing with routine matters.
NUTH 17 1300 C Sqn tks moved to join use Regts. A and B Echs remained here.
AMSTERADE, NUTH 18   B and C Sqns A and B Echs remained here.
WATERSCHIEDE 18   Main RHQ – normal duties. Lt. bell took over duties of Fire/PAD Offr.
HOOGELOON 18   A Sqn – Maintenance, etc.
PALENBERG 18   AM: Tac RHQ moved here to control Ops.
BRUNSUMM, GILLRUTH 18   AM: C Sqn Tks moved out for Ops.
PALENBERG 18   AM: B Sqn Tks moved out for Ops. Appx J/27 J/28
PALENBERG 18   B and C Sqn F Echs – Ops in sp of Tps as previously allotted. Appx J/20
HOOGELOON 19   A Sqn: Maintenance, etc. and normal duties.
WATERSCHIEDE 19   Main: Maintenance, etc. and normal duties.
PALENBERG 19   Tac RHQ – Ops. Appx J/26 J/22
- B Sqn Tks
- C Sqn Tks

Casualties – 3608072 Tpr. Deardon, A. “B” Sqn wounded (2nd time) (shrapnel in back) and evacuated.
HOOGELOON 20/21   “A” Sqn: Normal duties – Maintenance, etc.
WATERSCHIEDE 20/21   RHQ: Normal duties – Maintenance, etc.
WABBACH, AMSTERADE, NUTH 20/21   B and C Sqns A and B Echs – Normal duties etc.
WATERSCHIEDE 20   Court of Inquiry held on damage to 3-tonner on charge to C Sec 30 Armd Bde OFP, attached to RHQ.
Damaged by fire at HOOGELOON on 10 NOV 44.
Killed in Action – 5733108 Tpr. Clarke, S, 14503995 Tps. Walker, J.
Wounded in Action – 14382748 Tpr. Cardle, J. 14295451 Tpr. Carter, N. 7920110 L/Sgt. Mackie, J.
C Sqn and B Sqn Tks – Ops.
WATERSCHIEDE 22   Main RHQ.: Normal duties, etc., maintenance, training, etc.
NUTH 22   “C” Sqn A&B Echs.: Normal duties, etc., maintenance, training, etc.
AMSTENRODE 22   “B” Sqn B Ech.: Normal duties, etc., maintenance, training, etc.
HOOGELOON 22   “A” Sqn complete: Normal duties, etc., maintenance, training, etc.
WABBACH 22   “B” Sqn A Ech.: Normal duties, etc., maintenance, training, etc.
PALENBERG, South & West of GEILENKIRCHEN 22   Tac RHQ., “B” Sqn F Ech., “C” Sqn F Ech.: Ops continued.
22   “C” Sqn casualties :-
Killed in action – 4547462 Tpr. Hadman, E.
Wounded in action - Lt C.A.Russell (229195), 7930316 Tpr. McLoed, O., 3773699 Tpr. Johnson, W.
Regt. Area. 22   Very wet. Bad mud in operational area.
WATERSCHIEDE 22   PM.: Capt. J. Watson (176710) attached to Regt. for a short period from 269 Forward Delivery Sqn.
23   Main RHQ: Normal duties etc., maintenance, etc.
HOOGELOON 23   “A” Sqn compete: Normal duties etc., maintenance, etc.
NUTH 23   AM.: “C” Sqn A&B Echs.: Normal duties etc., maintenance, etc.
AMSTERODE 23   “B” Sqn B Ech.: Normal duties etc., maintenance, etc.
WABBACH 23   “B” Sqn A Ech: Normal duties etc., maintenance, etc.
PALENBERG, South & West of GEILENKIRCHEN 23   Ops continued.:
- Tac RHQ.
- “B” Sqn F Ech.
- “C” Sqn F Ech
GELEEN 23   PM.: “C” Sqn moved here. 3 Shermans, 10 Crabs and 1 ARV bogged en-route.
WATERSCHIEDE 23   AM.: Capt. A.J.P. Scott and Capt. G.D. Scarrow went to BRUSSELS for 48 hrs leave
WATERSCHIEDE 24   Main RHQ: Normal duties, maintenance, etc.
HOOGELOON 24   “A” Sqn complete: Normal duties, maintenance, etc.
GELEEN 24   Tac RHQ and B Sqn complete moved to join “C” Sqn here.
HOOGELOON 25   “A” Sqn: Maintenance, normal duties, etc.
GELEEN 25   B & C Sqns. Tac RHQ.: Maintenance, normal duties, etc.
WATERSCHIEDE 25   Main RHQ.: Maintenance, normal duties, etc.
25   PM.: Adjt and MO returned to Regt. Adjt took over duties from Capt. J. Watson.
R MAAS 25/26   River badly swollen. Floods along banks. Approaches to bridges flooded and parts of bridges under water. MAASTRICHT Bridge reserved for American traffic and high priority British Vehicles only.
BERG Bridge closed on 25th and tricky on 26th. Main RHQ crossed by BERG Bridge on 26th.
26   AM.: Capt. J. Watson ceased to be attached to Regiment, on return to 269 Fwd Del. Sqn.
GELEEN 26   Tac RHQ and B & C Sqns – Maintenance, normal duties, etc.
Main RHQ moved to join Tac RHQ here.
RHQ and B & C Sqns complete here – u/c Drewforce and in sp of 30 Corps.
Appx J/25
HOGELOON 26   “A” Sqn complete here – u/c 79 Armd Div and in sp 2nd Army (Reserve) – Maintenance, normal duties, etc.
HOOGELOON 27   “A” Sqn – Maintenance, normal duties, training.
GELEEN 27   AM.: Col. A.S. Edwards, (ADMS., 79 Armd Div), visited RHQ and talked to CO., 2 i/c., Adjt. And M.O.
GELEEN 27   Aft.: Lt. Gen. B.G. Horrocks, CB., DSO., MC (GOC., 30 Corps) visited HQ., Drewforce and inspected and addressed a Parade consisting of a party from each of “A” Sqn., 141 RAC., 617 ASRE., RHQ/B Sqn/C Sqn., 1 Lothians,
Regt. Party was composed of 22 Officers and 64 ORs. of B.&.C. Sqns & RHQ, most of whom had taken part in the recent ops in sp 84 U.S. Inf. Div. and 43 (Wessex) Inf. Div. (30 Corps).
Lt. Gen. Horrocks was introduced to all the officers and spoke to many of the men, while inspecting the parade. In his address afterwards, the Corps Commander gave a brief description of the last operations, telling us the general plan and giving an indication of future activities. He was loud in his praise for the “Funnies”.
The turn-out on this Regt. Parade was very good.
B.&C. Sqns & RHQ – Maintenance, etc.
GELEEN 27   PM.: Orders received for move of part of “C” Sqn for ops.
GELEEN 28   AM.: Part of “C” Sqn moved to GANGELT (K/7767) in sp Guards Armoured Div. Motor Bn.
GELEEN 28   “B” Sqn.: Normal duties, maintenance, etc.
“C” Sqn Residues.: Normal duties, maintenance, etc.
“RHQ”: Normal duties, maintenance, etc.
HOOGELOON 28   “A” Sqn: Normal duties, maintenance, etc.
GANGELT 28   “C” Sqn Party – 3rd Tp plus 2 Comd Tanks and 1 ARV in Preparation for Ops, in sp Guards Armd Div Motor Bn. (30 Corps).
GELEEN. 28   Communications to Rear difficult. Bridges over Maas, over than MAASTRICHT Bridge, out of action. Crossing by MAASTRICHT Bridge permitted only to Staff Cars, Jeeps, special priority traffic, and by special arrangements other vehicles.
The weather appeared to be getting better in the morning. There was a cold and strong wind, which, had it continued for a few days, would have helped to dry up the mud, but at midday it started to rain again.
GANGELT 29   3rd Tp and Tac HQ of “C” Sqn – Preparation for Ops, in sp Motor Bn of Guards Armd Div.
Op cancelled and “C” Sqn tps released
GELEEN 29   “C” Sqn Residue: Maintenance. Normal Duties, etc.
“B” Sqn: Maintenance. Normal Duties, etc.
RHQ: Maintenance. Normal Duties, etc.
HOOGELOON 29   “A” Sqn: Maintenance. Normal Duties, etc.
GELEEN 29   P.M.: Lt. Allison arrived for attachment to “C” Sqn for 10 days. Appx J/26
GELEEN 30   A.M.: 3rd Tp and Tac RHQ of “C” Sqn rejoined “C” Sqn here.
30   RHQ: Maintenance. Normal Duties, etc.
“B” Sqn: Maintenance. Normal Duties, etc.
“C” Sqn: Maintenance. Normal Duties, etc.
HOOGELOON 30   “A” Sqn: Maintenance. Normal Duties, etc.
GELEEN 30   Regiment less “A” Sqn u/c/ Drewforce in sp 30 Corps.
HOOGELOON 30   “A” Sqn u/c 79 Armd Div in 2nd Army Reserve.
30   Aft.: G.O.C. 79 Armd Div (Maj Gen Sir Percy C.S. HOBART KBE, CB, DSO, MC) visited DREWFORCE HQ and talked to the Commanding Officer.
C.in C. 21 Army Group (Field Marshal Sir Bernard L. MONTGOMERY KCB, DSO) visited DREWFORCE HQ accompanied by G.O.C. 30 Corps (Lt. Gen B.G. HORROCKS CB, DSO, MC,). He was introduced to a party of DREWFORCE Officers, including the following from the Regiment:- Commanding Officer, Second-in-Command (Major I.S. BALMAIN) Adjutant (Capt. A.J.P. Scott) Os.C. and 2 i/cs “B” and “C” Sqns (Major R.K. WATSON Major R.G. BENNETT, Capt J.D. HENDERSON, Capt. R.S. HENMAN). He examined a Crab, a Crocodile and an AVRE. The Crab, with crew commanded by Cpl. Imrie, was supplied by “B” Sqn.

Source: Wilco Vermeer, TracesOfWar.com.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.