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Army Form C.2118
Unit: CA HQ 8 Corps
Month and Year: December 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Col. G.H. Phipps-Hornby
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
MIERLO 1   SO1 (E) (Lt Col Crawford) attended a conference with CSO 8 Corps on restoration of civilian communications. Major Goater, OC 516 Det reported for instructions on coming under command 8 Corps. SCAO 12 Corps visited CA 8 Corps, with information that the zone for evacuation in 15 (S) Div Sector probably contained 15,000 inhabitants. Caprain Morris R.T.R. reported for duty as SO3 CA 8 Corps Staff.
2   516 Det moved into ST SERVATIUS to take over temporary charge of 800 refugees housed there.
2 1015 Brig Lewis visited CA 8 Corps and accomanpied by SO1 (E) proceeded to inspect ST SERVATIUS.
2 1600 S/Ldr Dixon Spain (AM & FA) visited CA 8 Corps.
3   SCAO and SO1 (A) (Lt.Col. Manley) attended conference at VENRAY on the subject of rehabitation of that town. Reps of Second Army, the Burgomeester and OC, 224 Det also attended. The decisions arrived at visualized the return of 500 workmen to carry out repairs to the buildings, sanitation, water supply etc and the gradual return of the inhabitants as accomodation becomes available.
3   Capt Becher reported for duty as German Interpreter to CA Staff.
4   SO1 (E) visited HQ 15 (S) Div at PANNINGEN to liaise over Div Returning to command 8 Corps the allotment of CA Dets to div and the probable evacuation of forward zone. SO1 (E) also visited and liaised with OC, 216 (C) Det and OC, 529 (A) Det and arranged with latter his responsibilities should he come under command 8 Corps.
4   Evacuation of 218 and 224 Dets' forward zones completed.
5   Orders received from G 8 Corps reversing the policy with regard to evacuation. The object of the new policy is as follows:- Sufficient selected inhabitants of good repute (incl local administrators) to return, to enable remaining crops to be harvested and retain the agricultural productivity of the area as far as possible.
5   SCAO made tour of Dets with B.G.S. 8 Corps.
5   503 Det reported for duty. Det ordered to distribute officers and ORs to 217, 218 and 224 Dets with the object of gaining experience of CA in ops and acting as LOs.
6   SCAO held conference with SO1 (E) and SO1 (A) to discuss new policy regarding evacuation and decide details of instructions to be issued to Dets.
6   Major Firminger 527 Det reported for duty. Instructed to move to GEMERT. This detachment to be employed in making a complete survey of accomodation in 8 Corps area and in watching the food situation.
7   CA Instruction laying down policy for evacuated forward zone issued. SCAO had meeting with SCAO 12 Corps at HQ 529 Det HELDEN to discuss projected take-over by 8 Corps of 15 (S) Div area.
8   516 Det ordered to take over 224 Det area North of grid 34 Northing. Orders issued for 218 Det to move 9 Dec in support of 15 (S) Div and with view to taking over responsibility for forward zone. 529 Det ordered to continue area responsibility and to complete evacuation as ordered by 12 Corps on 15 (S) Div coming under command 8 Corps on 9 Dec.
8   SCAO 12 Corps visited CA 8 Corps and informed us that 529 Det only be under command 8 Corps temporarily as Second Army had agreed to its becoming a 12 Corps (C) Det.
8   Major Hinds PTT Second Army visited CA 8 Corps and discussed restoration of communications for Civil Officials with SO1 (E).
9   15 (S) Div reverted to under command 8 Corps.
9   Brig Lewis arrived 1000 hrs and proceeded with SCAO to OOSTRUM asylum to investigate conditions there - later going to BLERICK to see evacuation being carried out during darkness by 529 (A) Det.
9   CA moved to new location on MIERLO by-pass.
11   SCAO made tour of all Dets under comd 8 Corps.
11   SO1 (E) attended CCRA 8 Corps’ weekly conference.
11   Orders issued for 518 (A) Det to take over DEURNE gemeente and 529 (A) Det to take over MEIJEL gemeente from 217 (C) Det.
12   Capt Whitfield 2i/c 520 (A) Det reported for instructions with a view to his Det coming under command 8 Corps to take over from 529 (A) Det.
12   Major Laurie (Med Officer) and Lieut Stapleford (PHO) reported for duty.
13   F/Lt Lott left CA ‘ Corps on posting to 12 Corps.
13 0930 Second Army phoned to say 2 Press Reps coming to see and report on BLERICK evacuation. SCOA left 1030 Hrs to visit it ST ANTHONIS – VENRAY – HELDEN with intention of meeting Press Reps at HELDEN and accompany them to BLERICK evacuation. Major Gorman (218 Det) visited CA 8 Corps about 1400 hrs – reported BLERICK evacuation completed on the previous night except for a few persons. On this information SO1 (E) (Major Peltzer) rang up Second Army to stop Press Reps but found they had not yet left.
13   Major Auld (529 Det) visited CA 8 Corps at about 1630 hrs to report BLERICK evacuation completed and to get orders regarding Maint Party and his forthcoming relief. Verbal orders issued (confirmed next day by message) that relief to be completed by 1200 hrs 16 Dec.
13 0930 Maint Party for BLERICK provisionally decided as follows:-
13   35 OD, 5 Police, 5 Firemen, 1 Doctor, 5 Red Cross, 1 Baker = Total 52.
13   Burgomeester is going to live in SEVENUM.
13   All to be vetted by FSS Sec attached 15 (S) Div and then issued with CA Maint Party armbands and Passes.
14   Mr Lynch (Press Representative) visited CA 8 Corps,had an interview with SCAO on the subject of the evacuation of BLERICK.
15   Instructions received from G 8 Corps on the forthcoming extension of, and changes in the 8 Corps Sector.
15   SCAO attended conference at CA Second Army to discuss the CA adjustments necessary to implement the above.
15   SO1 (E) visited CA 12 Corps to tie up forthcoming changes with them.
16   520 (A) Det completed take-over from 529 (A) Det by 1200 hrs.
17   S/Ldr Dixon Spain visited CA 8 Corps on his way to spend two days with 224 Det at VENRAY.
17   SO1 (E) attended conference with DA&QMG 8 Corps on looting.
17   516 (C) Det reported to 15 (S) Div to come in support for Divs new Southern Sector. 3 (Br) Div took over from 11 Armd Div by 0600 hrs.
18   SO2 (E) attended Public Safety Conference at Second Army.
18   SCAO visited 212, 513 and 524 Dets.
18   SCAO had discussion with Corps Commander on rehabilitation of forward zone.
18   15 (S) Div and 11 Armd Div completed take-over from 53 Div 0600 hrs.
18   1 Cdn Army took over operational control of Sector as far South as BOXMEER.
18   504 (A), 513 (A) and 524 (DP) Dets came under command 8 Corps.
19   SCAO visited Comd 3 (Br) Div and discussed rehabilitation policy for evacuated forward zone.
20   DCCAO visited and toured Corps area accompanied by SCAO and SO1 (E).
20   SO2 (E) visited and toured Corps area to arrange hand over of Northern Sector.
21   SCAO visited Comd 3 (Br) Div and policy for rehabilitation of forward zone finally settled. Orders received from Second Army that 503, 504 and 517 Dets were to report to SCAO 30 Corps.
22   503, 504 and 527 Dets passed to command 30 Corps.
22   516 (C) Det took over 504 (A) Det area.
23   SCAO and SO1 (A) visited mental institutions at HEEL with OC, 217 Det, Lt Col Bier and a rep from NMA.
24   Brig Lewis visited CA 8 Corps and discussed civilian Sup, transport and accomodation situation in Corps area.
24   SCAO, SO1 (E) and SO2 (A) (Major Mitchell) visited 513 (A) Det and Major Salter NCAO WEERT and discussed with latter availability of Dutch Pioneers for mine lifting.
26   S/Ldr Dixon Spain MFA went to 513 (A) Det WEERT for two days to survey area.
27   SCAO attended Progress Conference on rehabilitation at VENRAY.
27   SO1 (A) visited WEERT to investigate Sup and fuel situation.
27   SO1 (E) presided at conference on disposal of Allied PW in 8 Corps.
27   Lt Col. Talbot-Ponsoby (PW Control Second Army) and Lt Col Bates-Oldham (PWX SHAEF) and Major Leslie DAAG 8 Corps attended. This conference has gone a long way to define the responsibilities of PW Control, A Branch, and CA in regard to DP’s and Allied PWs which still required clarification.
28   Orders for the evacuation of the asylum at OOSTRUM received and arrangements made to implement them. Orders received for 3 (Br) Div to pass to command 2 Cdn Corps.
29   SCAO and SO1 (A) visited VALKENSWAARD to see the inmates from OOSTRUM entrain.
29   SCAO visited 513 Det and 212 Det.
29   SO2 (E) and SO3 (E) (Lt Williams) visited Ancient Monuments at MAESEYCK, 513 Det, 516 Det, 217 Det and 520 Det.
30   Corps Commander visited at 1000 hrs. Said that 3 (Br) Div were only under operational command 2 Cdn Corps and that Adm of Div and CA responsibility for Div area would remain with 30 Corps.
30   SO1 (E) phoned SCOA 2 Cdn Corps and arranged for 224 Det to hand over only that part of area North of BOXMEER, ST ANTONIS – GEMERT road. 224 Det informed by phone. Second Army informed.
30   Corps Comd visited 212 and 513 Dets with SCAO and SO1 (A).

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.