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Army Form C.2118
Unit: HQ 30 Corps
Month and Year: September 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt.-Gen. B.G.Horrocks, CB, MC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
1   Main Corps HQ moved to SIMENCOURT 375966.
1   11 Armd Div and Guards Armd Div continued to make rapid progress and reached all their objectives for the day. 11 Armd Div were established North of road ARRAS – DOULLENS in area 3510 – 3814 and Gds Armd on high ground North of ARRAS with one Armd Regt in DOUAI.
1   50 Div relieved both Armd Divs on the SOMME bridges.
1   There was some stubborn resistance in ALBERT BAPAUME and DOULLENS but on the whole the enemy appeared to be disorganised. Over 3,000 PW were taken during the day including one Corps Commander and his C of S.
1   Several Flying bomb sites were overrun during the day. S/1, 2
1   The advance from the SEINE had covered 143 miles in 3½ days and Gds Armd Div had covered 272 miles since leaving FLERS on 28 Aug – an average of 60 miles per day.
1   43 Div passed to comd 8 Corps remaining in VERNON area.
1   Appendices – L/1, IS/1, D/1, M/1, A/1, OM/1
2   Limited advances by Gds Armd and 11 Armd brougt them to the line CARVIN – DOUAI. Further progress was forbidden by Second Army in order to allow a major operation by Airborne Forces to seize the bridge at TOURNAI to take place.
2   Resistance was very slight though there were numerous small engagements in many cases conducted by the FFI with some assistance from our own troops. During the whole advance the FFI were of greatest use in containing and mopping up pockets of enemy which had been by-passed by our main forces, in providing information and in some cases preventing the demolition of important bridges by the enemy.
2   Over 1000 PW were taken during the day. S/3
2   Preparations were completed for Op Sabot an 30 Corps Op Instruction No 21 was issued. O/1, 2
2   At 2330 hrs information was received that the Airborne operation Linnet was cancelled and that the advance into BELGIUM could begin at first light.
2   Appendices – L/2, D/2, OM/2
3   During the day Gds Armd Div and 11 Armd Div advanced from DOUAI and LENS respectively for distances of 70 and 60 miles. The advance of 11 Armd Div in the early stages was considerably hindered by enemy withdrawing from the LILLE area to the South and East, and later 50 Div were ordered to take up positions screening the exits from LILLE to South and SE. At last light the leading troops of 11 Armd Div were concentrated in area just North of ASSCHE 5102 and just South of ALOST 4066.
3   The advance of Gds Armd Div on the right went very smoothly the bridges at TOURNAI having been secured the evening before by advanced elements of XIX US Corps on the right. Just before last light the leading elements entered BRUSSELS where they were received with the wildest enthusiasm by the inhabitants. Other elements were just West of MECHLIN.
3   The advance of 225 miles from the R SEINE had taken 5½ days and Gds Armd Div had covered 350 miles from FLERS in a week.
3   50 Div had 69 Bde holding ARRAS. 8 Armd Bde in area South of LILLE and 151 Bde in area 5720 – 5321. L/3
3   Main Corps HQ moved to location just East of TOURNAI arriving at 2130 hrs after an eleven hour journey which was several times interrupted by small parties of enemy trying to escape from the LILLE area.
3   Appendix – OM/3, M/2
4   Main Corps established in the grounds of the CHATEAU ROYALE at LAEKEN 6259 just North of BRUSSELS. The passage of the HQ through BRUSSELS was greeted with scenes of delirious enthusiasm by the entire population quite unparralelled in any other part of France or Belgium.
4   Gds Armd Div remained in BRUSSELS area with one regimental group at LOUVAIN where they seized the crossings over R. DYLE against moderate opposition. 231 Bde of 50 Div also moved up to BRUSSELS to protect South and West exits.
4   11 Armd Div continued the advance on ANTWERP which was entered during the afternoon. Resistance was sporadic but disorganised and our leading troops reached the Docks area which appeared to be only slightly damaged. S/5, 6
4   50 Div continued to protect the left flank of the Corps and to mop up the numerous pockets of enemy left in this area.
4   Appendices – L/4, OM/4
5   11 Armd Div continued to clear ANTWERP.
5   Gds Armd Div mopped up area East of BRUSSELS particularly around EVERE airfield. S/7, 8
5   Day generally devoted to maintenance and administration.
5   Op Instruction No 22 Op Meteor issued. O/3
5   H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother of Belgium dined in the Commander's Mess.
5   Appendix – OM/5, L/5
6   Gds Armd Div advanced from BRUSSELS – LOUVAIN to seize bridges overALBERT CANAL. All bridges were found demolished and the enemy was found in some strength at the bridge sites. A bridgehead was established at 234571 and a Class 40 bridge was begun.
6   In ANTWERP, all bridges over the ALBERT CANAL were also found demolished. One battalion 11 Armd Div forced a crossing in area 6998 but opposition was stiff and increased steadily so that all attempts to commence briding operations were frustrated. S/9, 10
6   231 Bde moved up from BRUSSELS to ANTWERP to hold the town while 151 Bde moved into BRUSSELS.
6   30 Corps Operation Instruction No 23 - Operation Comet for the advance to the RHINE in conjunction with a large scale airborne operation was issued. O/4
6   Appendices – L/6, Int/1, OM/6
7   Corps HQ moved to area 132716 just North of DIEST.
7   In ANTWERP further attempts to enlarge the bridgehead over the canal and to complete the bridge were unsuccessful due to increasing enemy resistance. It was therefore decided to withdraw 11 Armd Div from ANTWERP commencing 8 Sep and to hand over the town to 12 Corps, 231 Bde remaining temporarily in the town passing to comd 7 Armd Div when the latter arrive.
7   The bridge at BEERINGEN was completed by 0100 hrs and one regimental group passed over and by mid-day was engaged with the enemy holding the HECHTEL cross-roads in some strength. Resistance in this area was strong. S/11, 12
7   50 Div less 151 Bde (in BRUSSELS) and 231 Bde (in ANTWERP) was directed to concentrate in area WESTERLOO 0381 – HERSSELT 8077.
7   Field Marshal Montgomery visited Corps Commander at BRUSSELS.
7   Appendices – Int/2, A/2, D/3, OM/7, L/7
8   Airborne part of Op Comet postponed to night 8/9 Sep.
8   50 Div established new bridgeheads across ALBERT CANAL in areas 0485 and 0784 and begun the construction of a Class 9 bridge at the latter site. 8 Armd Bde under comd 50 Div crossed by the BEERINGEN bridge with the object of swinging left up the canal to link up with 50 Div.
8   Gds Armd Div met strong resistance in the bridgehead and there was little change in the situation. The Royal Netherlands Brigade was placed under comd Gds Armd Div and was made responsible for the protection of the BEERINGEN bridge which the enemy made determined efforts to destroy.
8   29 Armd Bde moved from ANTWERP to area SE of DIEST where it is assumed responsibility for flank protection of the Corps. Remainder 11 Armd Div remained in ANTWERP area.
8   Appendices – L/8, Int/3, O/6, IS/2, D/4, OM/8
9   Airborne operation further postponed to night 11/12 Sep.
9   Fierce fighting continued in the area bounded by the ALBERT CANAL and roads OOSTHAM – HECHTEL – HELCHTEREN – BEERINGEN where the enemy showed every intention of removing or at least containing our bridgehead. Little change in position of forward troops.
9   29 Armd Bde moved across BEERINGEN bridge to assure protection of SE flank.
9   69 and 151 Bdes completed concentration across canal. 231 Bde reverted to comd 50 Div and moved to conc area 9675. L/ , S/15, 16
9   8 Armd Bde less one regt passed to comd Gds Armd Div.
9   Appendices – L/9, Int/4, A/3, M/3, 4, IS/3, 4, D/5, OM/9
10   Hard fighting continued on the Corps front throughout the day.
10   Gds Armd Div advancing North against considerable opposition and by a magnificent dash by a small detachment of 2 IG seized the bridge over the MEUSE – ESCAUT canal in DE GROOTE 3696 intact. This bridge was heavily defended by the enemy including at least six 88 mm guns. The Grenadier Gds Gp which had advanced due North became involved in heavy fighting in area cross roads 3594. The WG group continued to clear the HECHTEL area.
10   8 Armd Bde screened BOURG LEOPOLD which still contained a fair number of enemy.
10   11 Armd Div continued to operate on the right flank of the Corps in the HELCHTEREN area and had some heavy fighting killing a large number of enemy and taking at least 450 PW.
10   50 Div had much hard fighting in the GHEEL bridgehead but continued to make progress and their leading troops reached GHEEL. Two enemy counter attacks were dispersed heavy casualties being inflicted on the enemy and about 700 PW being taken.
10   The Royal Netherlands Brigade assumed responsibility for immediate protection of the BEERINGEN bridges. S/17, 18
10   Appendices – L/10, M/5, Int/5, IS/5, OM/10
11   The bridgehead over the MEUSE – ESCAUT canal was consolidated, five coys of infantry and two sqns of tanks being passed over. A patrol of 2 HCR crossed into HOLLAND and reached WALKENSWAARD 4108.
11   WG group continued to clear the HECHTEL area and 8 Armd Bde with Belgian Bde under command cleared BOURG LEOPOLD.
11   11 Armd Div cleared HELCHTEREN, PEER, PETIT BROGEL and patrols of Inns of Court reached the MEUSE – ESCAUT canal between LILLE ST HUBERT 4294 and BOCHOLT 4988, all bridges being reported blown.
11   In the GHEEL bridgehead the enemy continued to make persistent small scale counter attacks supported by a few tanks. During a day of extremely bitter fighting very heavy losses were inflicted on the enemy. S/19, 20
11   Appendices – L/11, Int/6, A/4, D/6
12   C-in-C visited Corps HQ and met comds Gds Armd, 11 Armd and 50 Divs.
12   No major changes in Corps dispositions. WG Gp completed clearance of HECHTEL taking over 400 PW.
12   Counter attacks continued against the 50 Div bridgehead, further severe losses being inflicted on the enemy.
12   During the afternoon 15 (S) Div of 12 Corps began to relieve 50 Div in the GHEEL bridgehead, thus allowing 50 Div to concentrate with the remainder of the Corps preparatory to the next major operations. S/21, 22
12   Appendices – L/12, IS/6, A/5, Int/7, OM/12
13   Main Corps HQ moves to 340798.
13   43 Div ordered to begin to move up from R SEINE to come under comd 30 Corps on arrival.
13   Relief of 50 Div by 15 Div was completed during day and Division moved to concentration area North and West of BEERINGEN with 69 Bde responsible for close protection of bridges. 151 Bde concentrated area PAEL 2075.
13   Bulk of enemy forces in this sector appear to have withdrawn to the North bank of the canal which they appear to be holding strongly. S/23, 24
13   Appendices – L/13, OM/13, M/6, 7, IS/7, A/6, D/8
14   30 Corps Op Instruction No 24 for Operation ‘Garden’ to be carried out in conjunction with the Airborne Corps, was issued. O/7
14   The 500th edition od 30 Corps Intelligence Summary was issued today. Copy No 1 was issued on 10 Nov 41.
14   Planning for Ops ‘Garden’ continued.
14   Enemy became more aggressive in area North and NE of canal. An attack on the bridgehead by approx 150 infantry supported by six tanks was successfully repelled. Three Mk 4 tanks were KO and one captured intact. Three SP guns were also KO.
14   11 Armd Div continued to patrol actively to the East to give the impression that the main thrust was likely to come in this direction.
14   The leading brigade of 43 Div (130 Bde) concentrated in area 1574. Tac Div HQ was also established close to Main Corps HQ. S25, 26
14   Appendices – L/14, Int/8, D/9, A/6, D[…], M/8, M/9, SD/1, OM/14
15   30 Corps Movement Instruction for Op 'Garden' issued. O/9
15   A day of assembly and maintenance. Little enemy activity.
15   231 Bde (50 Div) relieved 32 Gds Bde (Gds Armd Div) in bridgehead. A small counter attack during afternoon was dispersed by artillery fire.
15   43 Div continued to concentrate area between DIEST and ALBERT Canal. S/27, 28
15   Appendices – L/15, A/8, M/10, 11, 12, OM/15, O/8
16   Corps Comd addressed all officers of 30 Corps down to Lt-Cols in the cinema at BOURG LEOPOLD on past and forthcoming operations. The Army Commander also attended and gave a short address on the general strategical situation.
16   11 Armd Div passed from 30 Corps to 8 Corps.
16   43 Div completed concentration in area East of DIEST.
16   No change in general situation and little enemy activity. S/29, 30
16   Appendices – L/16, Int/9, C/10, M/13, A/9, OM/16
17   During night 16/17 Sep enemy infiltrated into bridgehead and reached the canal at one point but were quickly dispersed by arty fire. A Class 40 bridge was completed just East of main bridge in 3596.
17   At 1435 hrs Gds Armd Div attacked out of the bridgehead with full arty support and close air support. Enemy resistance was stubborn on main axis but was eventually broken down by the arty programme and the excellent close support afforded by Typhoon squadrons of 83 Gp directed from a contact car moving with the leading regiment of Gds Armd Div. Aircraft were continuously in the air and engaged guns and troop concentrations with marked success.
17   By last light IG Gp were firmly established in VALKENSWAARD 4108. 231 Bde moving up behind Gds Armd Div cleared up woods on flanks of main axis.
17   At 1300 hrs the main landings of Op "Market" took place. 1 Airborne Div landing at ARNHEM. 82 Airborne Div at NIJMEGEN and GRAVE and 101 Airborne Div in area VEGHEL – ZON – EINDHOVEN.
17   Full communication had not been established with Airborne Corps which landed in GROESBEEK area, by last light, but preliminary reports from Tac/R and Phantom indicated that landings appeared to have been successful and accurate. S31, 32
17   Appendices – L/17, A/10, Int/10, OM/17, IS/9, D/10
18   During the night the enemy again put in a powerful counter-attack against the bridgehead which was dispersed after stiff fighting.
18   At 0600 hrs Gds Armd Div resumed the advance from VALKENSWAARD. Opposition was still stiff and the leading troops were held up by an enemy strong point at AALST. Leading armoured cars by-passed this opposition to West and made contact with elts 101 AB Div West of EINDHOVEN and by mid-day had reached the canal at ZON where the bridge over the canal on the main axis was found to be blown.
18   32 Gds Bde Gp moving on the Eastern axis found opposition stubborn on this route and by last light had reached an area South of GELDROP 4816 which was strongly held by the enemy.
18   During the afternoon after fierce fighting the opposition South of EINDHOVEN was finally overcome and the main axis through EINDHOVEN was cleared and firm contact made with 101 Airborne Div who had occupied the town. Bridging material was brought up to the canal and bridging at ZON began at last light.
18   News of Airborne droppings indicated that 101 Divs drop was highly successful. 82 Airborne Div had seized bridge at GRAVE intact and one bridge over MAAS - WAAL canal. Bridge at NIJMEGEN had not been reached but was still intact. No contact with 1 Airborne Div but bridge at ARNHEM reported intact. S/33, 34
18   Appendices – L/18, A/11, OM/18, Int/11
19   The bridge at ZON was completed during the night and at 0600 hrs the advance was resumed with 2 HCR leading. Progress was very rapid against negligible opposition and contact was made with 82 Airborne Div at GRAVE 6253 at about 0830 hrs. By 1400 hrs leading patrols had reached R WAAL and 5 Gds Armd Bde were concentrated in area 5 km South of NIJMEGEN and Comd 30 Corps had contacted Lt-Gen Browning, Comd Airborne Corps.
19   During the afternoon 5 Gds Armd Bde with Bn of 82 Airborne Div made an attempt to force a crossing over NIJMEGEN bridge but failed owing to stubborn opposition.
19   15/19 H moved up to EINDHOVEN area where it came under comd 101 Airborne Div for ops in EINDHOVEN – VEGHEL area to protect axis in that area.
19   Corps began moving about 1800 hrs and continued throughout night making slow progress. The flow of traffic through EINDHOVEN was delayed and much confusion caused by an air raid in EINDHOVEN after dark.
19   No contact with 1 Airborne Div. S/35
19   Appendices - L/19
20   Main Corps HQ continued to move all day and was finally established at 710556 about 5 miles South of NIJMEGEN at 1800 hrs. Movement along the axis was temporarily interrupted during the morning by enemy armour and infantry operating in the ZON area where the approaches to the bridge came under fire. This was finally cleared by 44 R Tks and SRY operating with infantry of 101 Airborne Div and the flow of traffic was resumed.
20   At 1400 hrs 504 RCT of 82 Airborne Div forced the crossing of R WAAL to West of R NIJMEGEN bridge in the face of considerable opposition and by 1800 hrs had seized Northern approaches of bridge. Throughout afternoon Gds Armd Div with inf of 505 RCT continued to pass up from South and at 1900 hrs finally overcame all resistance and some tanks and infantry passed over to join 504 RCT on North bank. This all important bridge thus fell into our hands intact. Although the bridge had been prepared for demolition no charges were in place when the bridge was seized. There is little doubt that the Dutch Resistance Movement had in some manner achieved this but at the time of writing no satisfactory solution has been produced. Later investigation made this doubtful.
20   43 Div began moving up and 130 Bde Gp leading tps were approaching GRAVE at 2300 hrs. S/36
20   Appendices – L/20, OM/19, Int/12
21   Little progress was made North of R WAAL during the day. Much mopping up remained to be done and the roadway being built on a causeway above soft ground prevented deployment of tanks off road.
21   214 Bde (43 Div) crossed R WAAL by the railway bridge which was also intact but could make no progress because of congestion on the roads.
21   Movement up to the main axis continued steadily throughout the day and by midnight the whole of 43 Div less the Recce Regt were conc North of R MAAS.
21   Contact was established with a rep of 1 Airborne Div who crossed R NEDERRIJN and reached our fwd tps. He reported 1 Airborne Div less 1 Para Bde conc in area West of ARNHEM controlling the ferry site in this area but no contact with 1 Para Bde in ARNHEM itself.
21   During the afternoon 1 Polish Para Bde was dropped on the South bank of R NEDERRIJN. S/37, 38
21   Appendices – IS/10, A/12, M/14, 15, 16, Int/13, OM/20
22   In the early morning mist patrols of 2 HCR working round West flank reached R NEDERRIJN in area 68716 and made contact with Polish Para Bde in this area. 214 Bde attempted to follow along this route but met powerful enemy resistance which was not overcome until a deliberate attack had been put in during the afternoon. This was completely successful and another bn of infantry with a squadron 4/7 DG was passed rapidly through and made contact with Polish Para Bde towards last light. This force included DUKWS carrying amn, sups and med stores for 1 Airborne Div.
22   129 Bde which had arrived at first light, began attacking due North up main axis from NIJMEGEN met strong opposition and made little progress.
22   69 Bde (50 Div) with R Netherlands Bde under comd assumed responsibility for protection NIJMEGEN bridges.
22   During afternoon an enemy force estimated as 30 tks and two bns of inf operating in area VEGHEL axis and cut the main axis and caused an interruption in the flow of traffic. 32 Gds Bde were despatched to assist 101 Airborne Div in dealing with the situation. By last light contact had been made in area 5410 but the axis had not been cleared. S/39, 40
22   Appendices – L/22, Int/14, OM/21, A/13, D/11, IS/11, 12, 13
23   During the night attempts to pass supplies across R NEDERIJN to 1 Airborne Div failed owing to the unsuitability of the banks for DUKWS. During the morning remainder of 130 Bde (43 Div) moved up to SOUTH of R. NEDERRIJN. 214 Bde began attack on ELST at 1700 hrs against stubborn opposition.
23   SRY of 8 Armd Bde operating in support of 82 Airborne Div crossed the German frontier in the area of BEEK thus being the first British troops to enter Germany in this war.
23   In the VEGHEL area, 32 Gds Bde Gp began a drive Southwards from UDEN to clear the Corps main axis which was met by the enemy between UDEN and VEGHEL. At about 1530 hrs contact was made with 44 R Tks operating NE from VEGHEL under comd 101 Airborne Div and the road was re-opened to traffic. S/41, 42
23   Apendices – L/23, O/11, OM/22, IS/14, D/12, A/14
24   During the night 23/24 Sep about 250 men of Polish Para Bde and a few supplies were ferried across to 1 Airborne Div.
24   214 Bde (43 Div) continued the attack on ELST and by last light had reached the centre of the village. 69 Bde (50 Div) crossed R. WAAL coming under comd Gds Armd Div and began attack on BEMMEL 7367 against stiff opposition.
24   32 Gds Bde continued to operate in VEGHEL area. At 1700 hrs the main axis was again cut by enemy infantry and tanks between VEGHEL and ST OEDENRODE and all traffic ceased. The Corps Commander who was visiting the Army Commander was unable to rejoin Corps HQ and spent the night at Rear Corps HQ which was at ST OEDENRODE on its way North. Gen Browning commanding Airborne Corps assumed temporary command of 30 Corps. S/43, 44
24   During the day the Luftwaffe was exceptionally active in the NIJMEGEN area, several hundred sorties being flown. Several attacks were made on the bridges, one direct hit being scored on the road bridge causing only minor damage.
24   Appendices – L/24, A/15, D/13, 14, IS/15, OM/23, Int/15
25   During night 25/26 Sep three coys of 4 Dorset (43 Div) were ferried across R NEDERRIJN in area 6876. Contact was made with 1 Airborne Div but was never very firm. About 3 tons of supplies were also taken across.
25   Corps Commander rejoined Corps HQ early in the morning having by-passed the enemy on the main axis. At a conference held at Corps HQ on his return it was finally decided that 1 Airborne Corps would have to be evacuated from its bridgehead for the reasons given in 30 Corps Op Instruction No. 26. O/12
25   214 Bde finally completed occupation of ELST.
25   69 Bde established themselves in BEMMEL 7366 after severe fighting.
25   Patrols of 2 HCR operating with 32 Gds Bde made contact with forward elements of 11 Armd Div at ST ANTHONIS.
25   The Main Corps axis had still not been re-opened at midnight. S/45, 46
25   Appendices – L/25, M/17, 18, Int/16, OM/24, IS/16, A/16
26   During the night 25/26 Sep 43 Div carried out operations for the withdrawal of 1 Airborne Div in assault boats. These operations continued until 0600 hrs when intense enemy fire made further crossings impossible. These operations which were carried out with the greatest gallantry and skill by all concerned resulted in the evacuation of 2163 men of 1 Airborne Div, 160 Polish Para Bde and 75 of 4 Dorset. 180 men of the latter were left on North bank still fighting to cover the withdrawal. Elaborate arrangements were made for the reception, evacuation and housing of the survivors in the barracks at NIJMEGEN.
26   69 Bde attempting to advance beyond BEMMEL met stubborn opposition and could make no more than 1000 yards.
26   South of R MAAS there was increased enemy activity in the area of HEESCH taking 150 PW. S/47, 48
26   Enemy air activity over NIJMEGEN continued, several attacks on the bridges scoring one direct hit on the road bridge which is still open to one-way traffic.
26   Appendices – L/26, A/17, OM/25, M/19, 20
27   During night 26/27 Sep several further bombing attacks were made on NIJMEGEN bridges, one hit being scored reducing traffic to single line.
27   A few hundred enemy crossed the NEDEREIJN during the night and established themselves in area RANDWIJK but were finally cleared out by 214 Bde during the afternoon.
27   69 Bde continued to fight their way East from BEMMEL against determined opposition.
27   32 Gds Bde repelled a fresh enemy attempt to recapture HEESCH. S/49, 50
27   Appendices – L/27, A/18, Int/17, M/21, 22, OM/21
28   During the night 27/28 Sep Main Corps HQ was steadily shelled for about 8 hours. 10 minor casualties were incurred.
28   At 1100 hrs Main Corps HQ moved to 6258.
28   43 Div took over responsibility for close protection of NIJMEGEN bridges. S/51, 52
28   Appendices – L/28, OM/27, D/15, 16, M/23, 24
29   At about 0500 hrs both railway and road bridges at NIJMEGEN were put out of action by violent explosions. Later these were found to have been caused by special charges placed in position by specially trained naval personnel who swam down the R WAAL. The railway bridge was put completely out of action. In the case of the road bridge about 80 feet of roadway was blown away. By 2000 hrs this had been replaced by a Class 40 bridge and was open to single-way traffic. 10 of the personnel concerned were taken prisoner and the remaining two died.
29   5 Gds Armd Bde and 69 Bde came under comd 43 Div.
29   No other events of importance during the day. S/53, 54
29   Appendices – L/29, OM/28, Int/19, M/25, A/20
30   A day of minor activity and re-grouping of units. S/55, 56
30   Appendices – L/30, OM/29, A/21, M/26, 27, 28, Int/20, 21

Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.