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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 171 Company RASC
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Major Everingham, RASC
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HOLLAND 1   Replenishment in location. 15 more vehicles called on to form nuclus of another “3rd-line” platoon. Transport position becoming acute. Church parade at HEEZE attended by twenty men.
2   Replenishment in location. Yet another full transport platoon called for for 3rd line 8 Corps duties, necessitating calling in all vehicles (except 25-pdr) from our forward amm point.
3   Replenishment point again in location. We now have 137 loads of amm and POL dumped in location ex vehicles detached for 3rd line duties.
4   Replenishment in location. POL refill made from DIEST. Major Everingham and Lieut Mackeller interviewed by DAMS at Rear Div.
5   Normal replenishment and refill
6   Replenishment still from coy location. Platoons still engaged on 3rd line duties.
HOLLAND 7   Replenishment from coy location. No POL refill. 2 vehicles return from one 3rd line platoon. AFW3008 and 3009 rendered to GHQ 2nd Echelon.
8   Replenishment in location. POL refill made from 56 FMC LIESHOUT for first time.
9   Normal replenishment arrangements in location. Capt. Howard & Capt. Davey attend F.G.C.M.
10   Replenishment in location.
11   Recce officier (Capt. Basgallop) meets CRASC representative at X-rds BAKEL with “caretaker” party. Coy prepares to move as at 0700 hrs next day. Honey tank given to coy for protection infanterie ops.
12   Coy moves to new location MR 595280 DE MORTEL at 0700 hrs. Two “3rd line” platoons stand-down for days much needed maintenance.
13   Normal replenishment in locn. Two cinema shows in GEMERT and ENSA show at HELMOND seen by Coy. L/cpl Kirby (B Platoon) killed in m/cycle accident whilst on convoy duties with one of our platoons engaged on 3rd line duties.
14   Normal replenishment arrangement in location. AFW3008 and 3009 rendered to GHQ 2nd Echelon.
15   Location unsuitable owing to road being one-way circuit OC recces area with CRASC. All areas unsuitable owing ot marshy terrain.
16   Replenishment in coy location as usual.
17   OC proceeds to recce area HELMOND for new locn. coy. Instructed to move as soon as units of 15 (S) Div move ouot.
18   1 NCO and 5 men proceed on short leave to BRUSSELS for 48 hours. Capt. Basgallop recces new area. No sigh of movement of 15(S) Div units.
19   Normal replenishment in location. “Cartaker” party sent to HELMOND to occupy proposed new location.
HOLLAND 20   Normal replenishment in location. Proposed location occupied by 8 Corps Rest camp. Alternative location recce'd by OC.
21   Coy moves to new location HELMOND 578214. Coy HQ Comp & W/shops Platoon & two tpt plns remain in old location. All platoons except one section from 3rd line duties. 3008&3009 to 2nd Echelon.
22   Coy moves to new location 1530 hrs. HQ Comp & W/Shops platoons established in abbertoire 578214.
23   Remaining platoons return from 3rd line duties. Responsibility for coal issue to div assumed by this coy. Capt George (O i/c Supplies) appointed O i/c Coal. Vehicles despatched to collect coal.
24   Normal replenishment in Coy Location.
25   4x3 ton vehs detached to 147 Fd Pk Sqn. RE. to replace vehs supplied by 173 Coy. 1 Veh detached to ADOS.
26   2nd leave party sent to BRUSSELS. CRASC holds orderly […] for […] of accident cases.
HOLLAND 27   Two platoons, self-contained, sent on 3rd line duties for the day. Ensa concert arranged for evening and cancelled.
28   Capt. George RA commences audit of regimental accounts. Platoon proceeds on 3rd line duties: 3008+3009 to GHQ 2nd Echelon.
29   One platoon returns from 3rd line duties. Two still out. Regimental audit continues.
30   Normal replenishment & refill arrangements. Leave party of five men sent to BRUSSELS. Coal for div picked up from HEUSDEN […]. Owing to peculiarity of construction, thirteen 5-ton vehicles insufficient for transport of 45 of coal – each vehicle capable of carrying only two tons.
31   Remainder of coal collected. Div RASC dance held in evening.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.