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Macher, Robert

Date of birth:
November 18th, 1902 (Munich/Bavaria, Germany)
Date of death:
1949 (Soviet Union)
German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


Robert Macher died in Soviet imprisonment in 1949.

May 1st, 1921: Fahnenjunker;
December 1st, 1924: Leutnant (23);
April 1st, 1928: Oberleutnant (11);
July 1st, 1934: Hauptmann (21);
June 1st, 1939: Major (8);
March 1st, 1942: Oberstleutnant (43);
January 1st, 1943: Oberst (63);
January 30th, 1945: Generalmajor (21).

May 1st, 1921: Offiziers-Anwärter 19.(bayerisches) Infanterie-Regiment;
October 1st, 1928: Kompanie-Offizier 10. / 19.(bayerisches) Infanterie-Regiment;
October 1st, 1933: z.V. Chef des Heeresleitung - Offiziers Lehrgang;
August 24th, 1935: Kommandantur Regensburg;
October 15th, 1935: Generalstabsoffizier 10. Division;
April 1st, 1936: Generalstab;
April 1st, 1938: Ib 2. Gebirgs-Division;
August 26th, 1939: Ia 73. Infantrerie-Division;
March 10th, 1940: Ia Generalstab Höheren Kommando XXXI. Armeekorps z.b.V.;
August 1st, 1940: Führerreserve OKH Heereskontrollkommission Bourg;
June 1st, 1941: Führer Deutsches Verbindungs Kommando beim rumänischen Armee, Oberkommando 4;
October 24th, 1941: Führerreserve OKH, Dienst regelt GZ (Chef der Zentralabteilung des Generalstabs);
November 10th, 1941: Ia 12. Armee;
November 21st, 1941: Ia Generalstab 12. Armee;
July 15th, 1942: Führerreserve OKH, Dienst regelt GZ (Chef der Zentralabteilung des Generalstabs);
August 27th, 1942: Chef Generalstab XXXXIV. Armeekorps;
July 25th, 1944: Führerreserve OKH, mFb. Generalstab 2.Armee;
September 15th, 1944: Chef Generalstab 2. Armee.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberst im Generalstab (Colonel to the General Staff)
XXXXIV. Armeekorps
Awarded on:
September 20th, 1943
Deutsches Kreuz in Gold