Ulbricht, Kurt Martin

Date of birth:
February 4th, 1916
Date of death:
February 1988
German (1933-1945, German Reich)


At the age of 20, Kurt Ulbrecht went on April 16th 1936 into service with the Luftwaffe. His first training he received with the Flea 61 at Oschatz (Saxony), after which he received training for radio operator. After operations over Czechoslovakia in 1938 he was in September 1939 placed with the III.Gruppe / 9.Staffel in KG 3. Here he flew with Oberleutnant Kurt Grigo. During the invasion in the West in May and June 1940 he was several times force to leave the plain with his parachute and witnessed several emergency landings. During the Battle of Britain he had more luck. Also operations over the Balkan and Crete went without losses for his crew. From the Battle of Britain and onwards he was placed with the 7.Staffel in III.Gruppe. From February 1943 several crews of KG 3 were transferred to Erprobungskommando 15, where they flew with supply missions from the airbase Berlin-Staaken. From July 1943 he again was stationed with KG 3, this time with the II.Gruppe. His area of operations was the Soviet Union. Here he stayed with his unit until they were relieved in August 1944. In April 1945 he had to bury his friend Feldwebel Rudolf Wetzel and brought his personal belongings to the family. On the way back he was taken prisoner by American forces. After the war he was soon released and went back to his family in Dresden.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberfeldwebel (Flight Sergeant)
7. / Kampf-Geschwader 3
Awarded on:
July 27th, 1942
Deutsches Kreuz in Gold