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Brozzetti, Anthony R.

American (1776 - present, Republic)


Anthony R. Brozzetti enlisted on May 26th, 1943 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Technician (T-4)
Field Artillery, Headquarters, XIX Corps, U.S. Army
Awarded on:
July 27th, 1945
"For heroic achievement in Germany, on 10 September 1944, in connection with military operations against the enemy. Technician Fourth Grade Brozzetti volunteered to proceed into an area subjecte to intense enemy artillery fire, in order to obtain and relay by radio urgently needed information of enemy battery positions which periled advancing infantry troops. Throughout increasingly heavy enemy fire, Technician Fourth Grade Brozzetti remained in an exposed position, without regard for his personal safety, and through his determined effort, enabled effective artillery support to neutralize the enemy guns, and allow a successful advance. The courage, skill, and unrelenting devotion to duty displayed by Technician Fourth Grade Brozzetti reflect great credit upon himself and the Military Service."
Bronze Star  Medal (BSM)


  • Photo 1: Larry Reichert
  • Photo: Larry Reichert
  • - BSM citation paper