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Redfern, Leslie

British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
2nd Battalion The Lancashire Fusiliers, 11th Infantry Brigade, Royal Army (2nd Battalion The Lancashire Fusiliers, 11th Infantry Brigade, Royal Army)
Awarded on:
November 18th, 1943
"On August 43, Sgt. Redfern's Platoon in attacking a prominent feature between BRONT-MALLETO came under very heavy and accurate mortar and shell-fire. The Platoon took cover behind a tall isolated rock on the enemy side of the feature. Sgt. Redfern, with total disregard for his own safety climbed out from cover and round the rock to observe where enemy fire was coming from. He remained on the exposed face of the roch with mortar bombs falling 30 yards from him, until he had located enemy mortar positions. This information was got back to the ARTY O.P. and the enemy guns were silenced. Through this N.C.O.'s very gallant action, the Platoon was able to get forward and capture its objective."
LG 36251/5036.
Military Medal (MM)


  • Photo 1: Brian Redfern
  • Photo: Brian Redfern
  • - Supplement to The London Gazette of 16th November 1943, Issue 36251, dated 18th November 1943
    - Military Medal Recommendation