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Rozario, de, Arthur Felix Justinian

Date of birth:
May 4th, 1900 (Batavia, Dutch East Indies)
Date of death:
November 2nd, 1973 (Vorden, the Netherland)
Dutch (1815-present, Kingdom)


Arthur F.J. de Rozario was born on May 4th 1900 in Batavia, Dutch East Indies. On February 3rd 1927 he married in Bandoeng with Wilhelmina Anna van Eb, who was born on December 17th 1905. They had five children.
Arthur de Rozario died in Vorden on November 2nd 1973.

During his lifetime he occupied several well known functions in the Dutch East Indies. He was Referendary with the Department of Finance, worked at the General Management Personnel Department Custom House Dutch East Indies, was a Honorary Member and principal with the Senate of the former “Bataviaasch Students’ Society Fraternity, was the last Deputy Union Chairman of the IEV in Batavia and Chairman of the Civil Servant Federation in Batavia. After his arrival in the Netherlands he was a town Councillor of Leidschendam and Principal Management T.N.O. Institute in Delft.

He joined the IEV in the early 1930’s. After the Japanese occupied the Dutch East Indies, he was taken prisoner of war and spent from March 7th 1942 until June 13th in a prisoner’s camp at Bandoeng and from June 14th a short time in a camp at Tjimahi, after that he spend the remaining tome of the war in a camp on Flores. Right after the war he was temporally placed in Changi Prison where most POW’s spent some time before being reunited with their family.

Back in the Dutch East Indies he helped forming a new board for the IEV and became the Deputy Union Chairman. After the sovereignty of Indonesia, de Rozario and his family was forced to go to the Netherlands in 1950. There he stayed on putting a lot of work and effort in helping people from Dutch East Indies background. In 1970 he was one of the people that took the initiative to place a War Memorial for the Indo-European community in Scheveningen. The celebration for that event on August 15th in the Congresgebouw, marked the beginning of a yearly event to memorize the Pacific War for the Indo-European community that is still being held today.

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