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Winckel, Christiaan Philip "Flip" Karel

Date of birth:
April 16th, 1919 (Batavia, Dutch East Indies)
Date of death:
September 18th, 2009 (Wassenaar, the Netherlands)
Dutch (1815-present, Kingdom)


Mr Christiaan Philip Karel Winckel (BK) was born in Batavia on April 16th 1919, former 1st Lieutenant Infantry Royal Netherlands East Indien Army, former subst auditeur-militair Temporaire Krijgsraden. (Military Court).

Crossed as "Engelandvaarder" with four others from Zuidland (the Netherlands) to Lowesoft (England) on Februari 23rd 1944, the only succeeded crossing by "Engelandvaarders" in 1944.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
1e Luitenant (1st Lieutenant)
KNIL Speciale Diensten
Awarded on:
May 26th, 1944
"For during wartime with danger for his own life, escaping from occupied Holland directly to England, with the goal to serve the Dutch Government".
Royal Decree No 9 on May 26th 1944.
Was at the time of the action still Dienstplichtig Sergeant.
Bronzen Kruis (BK)


  • Photo 1: George Winckel
  • Photo: George Winckel, Pop-up, presspoto "Sail to England"
  • - Royal Decree 26 may, 1944 no. 9
    - Dessing A., "Tulpen voor Wilhelmina" - De geschiedenis van de Engelandvaarders, Uitgeverij Bert Bakker