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Schmölzer, Johann

Date of birth:
June 1st, 1911 (Premersdorf/Carinthia, Austria)
Date of death:
November 14th, 1997 (Salzburg, Austria)
Austrian (1919-1934, Republic)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Zugführer 1. / Radfahr-Abteilung 68 / z.V. 6.Gebirgs-Division
Awarded on:
September 24th, 1942
Awarded the Knight’s Cross for the following actions…

1) On 28.04.1942 the Soviets landed their 12. Marine-Brigade at Motovski and Lizabucht, and moved against the strongpoint Landebucht held by Oberwachtmeister Schmölzer and 50 men. Schmölzer was able to find and recall his detached reconnaissance group from Thomasberg and bring it back to the strongpoint, but shortly afterwards the strongpoint Herzogstein was overrun, leading to the encirclement of strongpoint Landebucht by two battalions. In the next 24 hours the Soviets tried and failed to overrun the strongpoint. The German munitions became very low, but fortunately a Gefreiter who had left the day before was able to break through to the strongpoint with 16 men and additional ammunition. When this in turn became low Schmölzer made the independent decision to breakout. Despite the nearly depleted ammunition stocks, Schmölzer and his men succeeded in breaking out with their wounded at a minimal cost in casualties.

2) Along with his platoon, capturing the Mohnsdorfer Hill (01.05.1942) and the Obersteiner Hill (02.05.1942). Schölzer was wounded by a shell splinter in the latter action.

3) Defeating an enemy attack with his platoon on the right flank of the Liza front (15.09.1942).
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes