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Adams, William Houghton

Date of birth:
1917 (Toronto/Ontario, Canada)
Date of death:
August 17th, 1989 (Muskoka/Ontario, Canada)
Canadian (1931-present, Republic)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Squadron Leader
No. 415 Squadron, Royal Canadia Air Force
Awarded on:
July 9th, 1943
"In May 1943, this officer was pilot of a bomber detailed to attack a convoy off the Frisian Islands. The largest merchant vessel in this convoy was successfully attacked in spite of anti-aircraft fire. In July 1942, this officer attacked and sank an enemy merchant vessel near the Dutch coast and in November 1942 he made a successful attack on an escorted merchant vessel in the Bay of Biscay. Throughout all his operational missions this pilot has displayed keenness and devotion to duty."
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)