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Montminy, Jean Baptiste

Date of birth:
November 11th, 1916
Canadian (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Corporal
"A" Company, Royal 22e Régiment "The Van Doos", 3rd Infantry Brigade, 1st Canadian Infantry Division ("A" Company, Royal 22e Régiment "Van Doos", 3rd Infantry Brigade, 1st Canadian Infantry Division)
For bravery, initiative and outstanding courage in the face of enemy fire. During the attack on Hill 246 (Santa Maria) on 27 July 1943, Cpl. Montminy was leading his section in the attack.
The Bren gunner was killed and Cpl. Montminy motioned his section forward while he picked up the Bren gun and ammunition. He then advanced to the flank of two enemy LMG posts of three men each and, by skilful use of his weapon, silenced the posts.
Then catching up with his section on the crest, pinned down by enemy LMG fire, Cpl. Montminy, on his own initiative, did a flanking movement and by the skilful use of ground, routed the enemy who were holding up the advance of the entire platoon.

Military Medal (MM)