Anderson, Ronald Amos

Date of birth:
1921 (Port Elgin/New Brunswick, Canada)
Canadian (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)


Service number J6173.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Flight Lieutenant
No. 428 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force (No. 428 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force)
Awarded on:
January 1st, 1944
"Flight Lieutenant Anderson has completed his first tour, carrying out forty sorties against the enemy, many of them on such targets as Berlin, Kiel, and the Ruhr Valley. In addition, he has attacked targets in France and successfully laid mines in enemy waters. He has always shown himself to be a determined and skilful pilot.
His willingness and the cheerful manner in which he has carried out his duties has been a source of inspiration for the younger crews on the squadron. For the completion of a most satisfactory tour of operations and for the support he has given the squadron, I recommends the non-immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Cross."
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)