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Schwartzkopff, Günter

    Date of birth:
    August 5th, 1898 (Forbach/Lothringen, Germany)
    Date of death:
    May 14th, 1940 (Chatillon/Ardennes, France)
    Buried on:
    German War Cemetery Noyers-Pont-Maugis
    Plot: 4. Grave: 3970.
    German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


    In relation to and during his service in World War 1, Schwartzkopff was awarded the Kgl. Preuss. Flugzeugführer-Abzeichen, Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse and 1.Klasse, the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and in Silber and the Ritterkreuz zum Königlicher Hausorden von Hohenzollern.
    Günter Schwartzkopff married Liselotte Harmel on May 14th, 1926.
    Oberst Günter Schwartzkopff was shot down by French froces in his Junkers Ju 87 B-2 (S2+AA) on May 14th, 1940 near Le Chesne/Chatillon while supportin the German crossing of the river Meuse.
    July 14th, 1915: Fähnrich;
    September 30th, 1915: Leutnant (Patent on April 15th, 1917 for March 22nd, 1916);
    October 1st, 1919: Leutnant (Reichsheer, July 1st, 1922: RDA November 1st, 1915);
    July 31st, 1925: Oberleutnant (RDA April 1st, 1925);
    February 1st, 1932: Hauptmann;
    July 1st, 1935: Major;
    October 1st, 1937: Oberstleutnant;
    April 1st, 1940: Oberst;
    June 28th, 1944: Generalmajor (posthumously, RDA May 1st, 1940).
    ?: Zugführer, 2. Niederschlesisches Infanterie-Regiment "König Ludwig III von Bayern" Nr. 47;
    September 30th, 1915: Kompanieoffizier 2. Niederschlesisches Infanterie-Regiment "König Ludwig III von Bayern" Nr. 47;
    August 30th, 1916: Ausbildung Fliegerersatzabteilung Nr. 8;
    January 1917: Flugzeugführer Fliegerabteilung 4;
    March 1917: Flugzeugführer Feldfliegerabteilung 4;
    1917: Technischer Offizier Feldfliegerabteilung 4;
    1917: Fliegerabteilung 13;
    November 1918: Technischer Offizier Grenzschutz-Fliegerabteilung 106;
    August 1919: Technischer Offizier Fliegerhorst Paderborn;
    May 1920: Technischer Offizier leichten Kraftfahr-Kolonne 6, Paderborn;
    October 1920: Zugführer 6. Infanterie-Regiment, Reichswehr;
    1924: Kompanieoffizier, 4. (MG) / Infanterie-Regiment, Lübeck;
    March 1st, 1928: Fürsorgeoffizier, Stab, I. (Meckl.) / Infanterie-Regiment, Schwerin;
    October 1st, 1928 - September 30th, 1930: Führergehilfenausbildung Stab 2. Division;
    October 1st, 1930: Höchster Offizier 16. / 6. Infanterie-Regiment, Ratzeburg;
    February 1st, 1932: Chef 16. / Ausbildungs-Bataillons 6. Infanterie-Regiment, Ratzeburg;
    June 1st, 1933: Referent Reichwehrministerium;
    September 1st, 1933: Referent Personalabteilung Reichsluftfahrtministerium;
    October 1st, 1933: Ausbilder/Lehramt Fliegerschule Neuruppin;
    December 1st, 1934: Ausbilder/Lehrer Fliegerschule Celle;
    April 1st, 1935: Kommandeur Flugzeugführerschule Celle;
    April 1st, 1935: Fliegerhorstkommandant Celle;
    October 1st, 1936: Kommandeur I. Gruppe / Kampfgeschwader 165, Kitzingen;
    October 1st, 1936: Fliegerhorstkommandant Kitzingen;
    September 1st, 1937: Kommandeur IV.(Stuka-) Gruppe / Lehrgeschwader Greifswald;
    September 1st, 1937: Fliegerhorstkommandant Barth;
    November 1st, 1938: Kommandeur Sturzkampfgeschwader 165;
    May 16th, 1939 - May 14th, 1940: Kommodore Stuzkampfgeschwader 77.

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Oberst (Group Captain)
    Kommodore, Sturzkampfgeschwader 77, Luftwaffe
    Awarded on:
    November 24th, 1940
    Received for the instrumental role he played in ensuring the widespread employment of the Ju 87 in the Luftwaffe, as well as his success in leading Sturzkampfgeschwader 77 during the Polish and Western campaigns.
    Awarded posthumously.
    Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes