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1939 Spange zum Eisernes Kreuz 2er Klasse 1914

The "1939 Spange zum Eisernen Kreuzes 2er Klasse 1914" or Clasp to the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914 was instituted on September 1st, 1939 pursuant to the Decree Institution of the Iron Cross and published in the Reichsgesetzblatt – Code of Law – nr. 159 dated September 2nd, 1939, page 1573. Article 5 states that a person, already in possession of the Iron Cross 2nd Class of World War One on conferment of the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 shall be presented with a clasp to be worn on the ribbon of the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914.
The clasp takes the form of the German eagle with a swastika over a small disc with the year 1939. The clasp measures 31 mm (1,2 inch) in height, its width varies between 29 and 31,4 mm (1,1 to 1,2 inch) and is made from silver plated brass or silver plated zinc.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abé, Richard Adolf17-06-1898 
Abraham, Erich Gottfried27-03-189507-03-1971more
Abraham, Georg17-10-1892 
Ackemann, Walter John Charles (Art.Reg.10)05-03-189711-05-1959more
Adam, Kurt Eugen (WH-Generalmajor)08-07-189724-01-1973more
Adam, Paul (Grenadier-Regiment 158)23-03-189201-12-1969more
Adam, Wilhelm (AOK 6)28-03-189324-11-1978more
Adolph-Auffenberg-Komarow, Gustav11-07-188708-02-1967more
Agricola, Kurt (Generalleutnant)15-08-188927-12-1955more
Ahrens, Friedrich Robert (AOK 9)29-08-1898 
Ahrens, Georg Friedrich (SS-Gruppenführer)29-04-189622-10-1974more
Alberti, von, Konrad17-07-189401-08-1967more
Alberts, Otto (Grenadier-Regiment 501)22-02-189310-12-1943more
Albrand, Karl Wolf (TA 26)15-05-189911-11-1962more
Albrecht, Kurt (Artillerie-Regiment 172)26-12-189523-07-1966more
Albrecht, Kurt (Grenadier-Regiment 948)24-02-188902-09-1968more
Allmendinger, Karl03-03-189102-10-1965more
Altrichter, Friedrich03-09-189014-04-1949more
Altstötter, Josef04-01-189213-11-1979
Alvermann, Gustav (Infanterie-Regiment 47)09-10-189707-06-1942more
Amm, Walter (Korück 584)  
Anders, Carl Ulrich Ernst Paul31-08-189328-01-1972
Andersen, Kurt02-10-189809-01-2003
Andrae, Alexander27-04-188803-04-1979more
Andreae, Wolf13-07-189818-12-1991more
Angelis, de, Maximilian02-10-188906-12-1974more
Angern, Günther05-03-189302-02-1943more
Angerstein, Karl04-12-189020-09-1985more
Anton, Werner-Rudolf03-04-189512-09-1948more
Apell, von, Wilhelm16-01-189207-03-1969more
Arenstorff, von, Hans-Adolf18-10-189505-05-1952
Arndt, Karl Hermann (359. Infanterie-Division)10-03-189230-12-1981more
Arnim, von, Hans-Jürgen04-04-188901-09-1962more
Arning, Karl Eduard Friedrich10-02-189217-11-1964more
Arnswaldt von, Wolff-Ehrenreich23-03-189804-01-1972more
Aschenbrenner, Heinrich08-07-189511-12-1960
Aschmann, Frank (Kriegsmarine)28-11-189100-00-1968
Aschoff, Dr., Albrecht (Artillerie-Regiment 76)11-04-189911-08-1972more
Asmus, Georg07-10-1888 more
Assmann, Günter (Grenadier-Regiment 442)00-00-190000-00-1987
Assmann, Walter, Dr.med.dent. (101.Jäger-Division)22-07-189601-05-1964more
Auleb, Helge01-03-188714-04-1964
Aulock, von, Andreas Maria Karl23-03-189323-06-1968more
Axthelm, von, Walther23-12-189306-01-1972more