Ehrenblattspange des Heeres und Waffen-SS

Right after the German invasion of the Soviet-Union, Hitler introduced in July 1941 the "Ehrenblatt des Heeres". Until 30th January 1944 this only was a paper award. On 30th January, Hitler introduced the clasp to this decoration. Persons already mentioned in the "Ehrenblatt" before that date, also received the decoration.

The Honour Roll Clasp of the Army had following requirements:
1. Already been awarded with the Iron Cross 1st class 1939 or the Repetition-Clasp 1939 to the Iron Cross 1st class 1914,
2. Having performed an act of bravery above and beyond the call of duty, that did not justify the Knight Cross of the Iron Cross and had not been awarded with the German Cross in Gold,
3. Has got a special appriciation record from the supreme commander of the Heer (Anerkennungsurkunde des Oberbefehlshabers des Heeres für seine hervorragenden Leistungen auf dem Schlachtfelde),
4. To be named in the Honour Roll of the German Army.

The awarding of the Honour Roll Clasp of the Army took place in three Steps:
1. Be named in the Honour Roll of the German Army (Nennung im Ehrenblatt des deutschen Heeres - this is the date in the list),
2. Be awarded the Honour Roll Clasp of the Army (Verleihung der Ehrenblattspange des Heeres),
3. Get the Honour Roll Clasp of the Army presented (Überreichung der Ehrenblattspange des Heeres).

The Waffen-SS and its legions as well as the police troops, were not a part of the Heer (Army), but for this decoration they were treated as if they were a part.

Ahrens, Wilhelm "Willi"* October 1st, 1912
† August 26th, 1998

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abel, Walter   
Abel, Werner   
Aberle, Heinrich   
Ablinger, Alois   
Abraham, Willi   
Abraham, Wolfgang   
Abs, Gerhard  more 
Ackermann, Albert   
Adam, Hans-Hermann10-08-1911 more 
Adam, Walter   
Adolph, x   
Adrian, Paul   
Ahlburg, Richard   
Ahrens, Hermann   
Ahrens, Wilhelm "Willi"01-10-191226-08-1998 
Aichwalder, Josef   
Aigner, Sebastian   
Albers, Hans-Peter20-11-191410-03-1956more 
Alberti, von, Konrad17-07-189401-08-1967more 
Albiez, Wilhelm   
Albinus, Horst   
Albrecht, Erich   
Albrecht, Fritz Wilhelm Karl23-12-190529-04-1977more 
Albrecht, Kurt24-02-188902-09-1968more 
Albrecht, Reinhold   
Alexy, Mathias   
Alles, Konrad   
Allritz, Hermann   
Almstedt, Heinrich   
Althoff, Karl-Heinz   
Altmann, Hans   
Altmann, Josef   
Altstädt, Erich   
Alves, Erich   
Aly, Günther   
Aman, x   
Ambrosius, Lothar11-05-190309-01-1971more 
Ambrosy, Gerhard   
Amling, Willi   
Ammer, Hermann08-03-191409-12-2000more 
Ammon, Friedrich   
Amsel, Georg   
Anders, Georg   
Anders, Heinz   
Anders, Max   
Andresen, Julius   
Androw, Otto   
Andrä, Heinrich08-07-1915 more 
Angelmaier, Heinz22-07-191812-01-2014more 
Angerer, Hermann   
Angermann, Wilhelm   
Angern, Günther05-03-189302-02-1943more 
Angerstein, Otto   
Antes, Paul   
Apel, Heinrich   
Appel, Ludwig   
Apsel, Friedrich   
Arendt, Velten-Reinhardt28-03-191923-03-1945 
Armberger, Josef26-06-192021-08-1944more 
Arndt, Erwin   
Arndt, Georg   
Arndt, Karl   
Arnhold, Rudolf   
Arnim, von, Georg   
Arnim, von, Hans-Jürgen   
Arnold, Franz   
Arntz, Helmut   
Artopoeus, Bernhard   
Artus, Hans   
Aschenbrenner, Eugen   
Aschoff, Dr., Albrecht11-04-189911-08-1972more 
Aselmann, Helmut   
Asinger, Hermann   
Assmann, Günter   
Attenberger, Georg   
Au, von der, Friedrich   
Auer, Erwin   
Auer, Otto   
Augsberger, Franz Xaver Josef Maria "Franz"10-10-190519-03-1945more 
August, Karl   
Aulerich, Werner14-01-191609-04-1945 
Aulock, von, Johannes   
Auras, Wolfgang   
Aust, Willi