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Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in Silber

This award is slightly different than the Spanish Wound Badge, because the crossway placed swords are somewhat broader and the new steel helmet type, the M35 model is used for this badge. The swastika on the helmed is slightly lager and the dots on the intermediary fields are on this badge placed in horizontally lines. Further is the badge oval shaped with a laurel leaves wreath at the outer edge of the badge. At the base of the badge is a knot and at the top are three berries underneath each other placed. The silver version has a solid reverse and can have a thin round pin or a broad flat pin with hook construction. Most of the silver versions are made of copper and zinc and were than silver plated. The silver version was awarded for 3 or 4 wounds of for a single wound that resulted in the loss of a hand, a foot or an eye. For a wound that meant brain damage, facial disfigurement of deafness, also the silver version was awarded.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abel, Adolf Wilhelm (161. Infanterie-Division)18-10-191426-08-1944more
Abel, Josef (Infanterie-Regiment 217)03-01-191401-12-1984more
Ableiter, Walter (Grenadier-Regiment 396)22-01-192222-06-1993more
Abratis, Herbert Karl (Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1)21-03-191829-03-1945more
Adam, Hans-Hermann (Artillerie-Regiment 333)10-08-1911 more
Adamsons, Miervaldis (Waffen SS)29-06-191023-08-1948more
Adolph-Auffenberg-Komarow, Gustav11-07-188708-02-1967more
Adrario, Friedrich (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 272)29-11-191825-06-2011more
Ahnert, Heinz (Divisions-Füsilier-Bataillon 14)17-07-1917 
Ahrens, Hinrich (Grenadier-Regiment 1141)15-03-192131-12-2009more
Albat, Ernst (Grenadier-Regiment 2)18-05-191700-00-1992
Albers, Hans-Peter (Artillerie-Regiment 150)20-11-191410-03-1956more
Albers, Hans-Wilhelm (Art.Reg. 1 "Afrika")12-06-191404-06-1944more
Albert, Wilhelm (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 35)24-04-191715-12-2004more
Alberts, Otto (Grenadier-Regiment 501)22-02-189310-12-1943more
Albrecht, Hans-Joachim (Grenadier-Regiment 51)18-03-192000-02-1945more
Albrecht, Kurt (Grenadier-Regiment 948)24-02-188902-09-1968more
Albrecht-Lemke, Egon (Zerstörergeschwader 76)19-05-191825-08-1944more
Aldenhoven, Franz02-02-192306-07-1943
Alex, Ernst (Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 243)01-03-191525-10-1965more
Allersmeier, Heinz24-03-191723-03-2001more
Allmacher, Friedrich "Fritz"03-12-191426-12-1944more
Alm, Werner04-05-1917 more
Altacher, Eduard24-01-191927-05-1945
Altenbuchner, Michael 22-10-1943
Alter, Max17-01-191015-03-2001
Altermann, Karl-Heinz (Pz-Gren.Reg. 25)04-06-192226-11-2013more
Ambos, Helmuth25-07-1912 
Ameiser, Anton 'Toni' (Waffen SS)01-08-190720-02-1976more
Amelung, Günther (Schnelle Abteilung 123)08-04-191429-03-1944more
Amerkamp, Siegfried (Grenadier-Regiment 459)25-03-192003-09-1995more
Ammann, Franz03-11-191918-08-1943more
Ammer, Hermann (Grenadier-Regiment 62)08-03-191409-12-2000more
Amselgruber, Thomas 'Amsel' (schw.SS-Pz-Abt. 501)18-12-1905 more
Anders, Richard03-01-191509-09-1993more
Anding, Friedrich26-06-191507-02-1996more
Andree, Harry (Grenadier-Regiment 504)02-10-191315-08-1944more
Angerer, Josef14-03-192421-07-1944
Angern, Günther05-03-189302-02-1943more
Anhalt, Wilhelm28-03-191713-06-1979more
Anneken, Udo11-10-191711-10-1997more
Appel, Heinrich01-10-1920 more
Arhens, Karl (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 8)  
Arndt, Fritz (Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon 32)01-06-191012-03-2003more
Arning, Karl Eduard Friedrich10-02-189217-11-1964more
Arnold, Friedrich (WH-Sturmgeschütz)10-05-191901-09-2006more
Ascherfeld, Willy (Grenadier-Regiment 926)21-03-191013-04-1945
Assmann, Alois (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 61)05-06-191326-10-1987more
Aster, Hans-Heinrich28-10-1921 more
Attenberger, Franz-Xaver (Artillerie-Regiment 114)19-07-191509-08-1991more
Audenrieth, Georg 'Girgl' (Gebirgsjäger-Reg.99)20-07-191715-01-1999more
Auer, Heinrich  
Auer, Karl (Waffen SS)20-10-191631-03-1997more
Auer, Ludwig  
Auert, Heinz11-06-192118-02-2002more
Augustin, Hans (Grenadier-Regiment 253)05-08-190504-10-2000more
Augustin, Johann 'Hans' (Oberleutnant)06-07-191818-07-1944more
Ax, Adolf (Waffen SS)23-06-190606-02-1983more
Axmann, Artur (Arthur)15-02-191324-10-1996more
Axtmann, Fritz (Infanterie-Regiment 20)07-12-191413-09-1943more