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Was also called the "Totenkopfring der SS". The ring was an award decorated by Heinrich Himmler to members of the SS who visited the „SS-Führerschule" (later called the SS-Junkerschule).

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abetz, Otto26-03-190305-05-1958more
Albert, Wilhelm08-09-189821-04-1960more
Alpers, Friedrich Ludwig Herbert25-03-190103-09-1944more
Altner, Ernst-Georg04-12-190112-04-1945more
Altstötter, Josef04-01-189213-11-1979
Alvensleben, von, Ludolf-Hermann (SS)17-03-190101-04-1970more
Amann, Max (SS)24-11-189110-03-1957more
Anhalt, Günther (SS-Polizei-Rgt. 2)23-01-190627-04-1945more
Arnold, Alfred16-06-188827-05-1960more
Arnold, Alfred (SS Sturmbannführer)02-01-191510-10-1944more
Asmus, Georg07-10-1888 more
Augsberger, Franz Xaver Josef Maria "Franz"10-10-190519-03-1945more