Annesley, George William

Date of birth:
1916 (Biggar/Saskatchewan, Canada)
Canadian (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)


Service number R150830 (NCO), J88535 (officer).

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Warrant Officer 2nd class
No. 626 Squadron, Royal Air Force (No. 626 Squadron, Royal Air Force)
Awarded on:
October 17th, 1944
"Warrant Officer Annesley, a Canadian, as Air Bomber, has carried out 29 operational sorties against the enemy. Many of these have been on such important and heavily defended targets as Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Schweinfurt and Berlin, the latter being the objective on six occasions.
The successful operational career of his crew was to a very great extent the result of the cool and calculating courage of Warrant Officer Annesley in pressing home each attack in the face of the strongest opposition the enemy could muster. His skill as a Bomb Aimer is abundantly evident in the high standard of photographic results he obtained.
I strongly recommend that for his sustained fortitude and wholehearted devotion to duty, Warrant Officer Annesley be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross."
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)