Friyia, Joseph Christopher

Canadian (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)


Service number B.59723.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Canadian Infantry Corps
Awarded on:
February 10th, 1945
"On the morning of 18 October 1944, Private Friyia and another soldier, of The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry were detailed to do sniping in the battalion area at Woensdrecht. The enemy at this position were approximately 100 yards from our forward sections. Private Friyia and his friend waited in position for an hour without sighting any enemy. On their own initiative they decided to move forward into the enemy lines which were occupied by two platoons of enemy. Covered by fire from one of our own tanks, they moved across open ground to this position. In the hand to hand fighting that followed, Private Friyia and the other soldier killed eight German Paratroops. Then Private Friyia's Sten gun jammed and by bluff alone he forced the surrender of twelve fully armed Germans.
Private Friyia's bravery and courage was of the highest order and his single action was a contributing factor in the holding of this position.
Military Medal (MM)