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Neibecker, Franz Xaver

Date of birth:
September 11th, 1896 (Saarlouis/Saarland, Germany)
Date of death:
April 25th, 1943 (Lager 50 Frolow (near Stalingrad), Soviet Union)
Buried on:
German War Cemetery Rossoshki
German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


Franz Xaver Neibecker died on April 25th, 1943 in the Soviet POW camp Nr 50, Frolow near Stalingrad. His remains have not been identified and were porbably buried in an unknown grave at the German War Cemetery Rossosjka.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberst (Colonel)
Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 227
Awarded on:
February 16th, 1942
Here follows an abbreviated Knight’s Cross recommendation for Oberst Neibecker…

“Oberst Neibecker has shown outstanding personal bravery while fighting at the head of both infantry and Panzer forces. In an independent action, he encircled the village of Alexandrowka by crossing over the frozen Ssamara river and penetrated into the northern part of the village. Fighting at the spearhead of his Kampfgruppe, this important cornerstone was taken in a bold action despite the great enemy superiority. The capture of this important strongpoint was of great importance for the continued fighting in the sector of Gruppe Mackensen.”
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes