Hoch, Johann

Date of birth:
June 21st, 1914 (Mürzsteg, Austria)
Date of death:
February 4th, 1985 (Dobrein, Austria)
Austrian (1918-1938, Republic)


Johann Hoch finally reached the rank of Feldwebel.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Unteroffizier (Corporal)
Zugführer 9. / Grenadier-Regiment 1070
Awarded on:
September 17th, 1944
On the 17.08.1944 the Zug of Unteroffizier Hoch had the task of holding the commanding Hill 364, located near Jedruszkowce (west of Sanok), in order to provide flank protection for the German assault in this area. From this hill it was possible to control the nearby road and also observe deep into enemy territory. During the second enemy attack the hill was lost, however thanks to the bravery and skill of Unteroffizier Hoch it was possible to recapture it on the third attempt at a counterthrust following bitter close combat. Hoch would be badly wounded during this battle, however the hill would remain in German hands after the fighting had concluded.

Hoch would later be awarded the Knight’s Cross for this action.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes