Reuter, Kurt

Date of birth:
October 3rd, 1919 (Solingen/Rhineprovince, Germany)
Date of death:
March 10th, 1985 (Solingen/Northrhine-Westphalia)
German (1933-1945, German Reich)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Obergefreiter (Corporal)
Gruppenführer 6. / Grenadier-Regiment 279
Awarded on:
April 5th, 1944
On the 09.02.1944, following strong artillery preparation, the Soviets launched an attack on the left wing of the 6./Grenadier-Regiment 279. A great danger for the Kompanie soon began to emerge, as the Soviets seemed poised to roll up the whole Kompanie with its flank attack and annihilate it. Recognizing the danger in time Obergefreiter Reuter took the reserve MG, rushed towards the attacking enemy on his own initiative with his weapon and opened fire on the first enemy assault groups from close range, with devastating results.

During a short pause following this he rallied 5 Grenadiers and launched a counterattack against the vastly superior enemy, which succeeded in its aim and also resulted in 5 prisoners taken. During further nocturnal probes against the last enemy remnants, Reuter observed that the enemy had broken into the positions of the left neighbour. Realizing the dangerous new threat this posed for his own Kompanie, he again independently launched an attack into this area in the face of heavy enemy artillery and MG fire. He captured a hilltop position critical for the closure of the new gap in the frontline and defended it against all enemy attacks, with much of the fighting being in close combat, until reinforced.

Thus he had contributed heavily to the overall situation by not just one but two independent and decisive actions. For his bravery and determination he would be decorated with the Knight’s Cross.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes