Pfitzner, Heinz

Date of birth:
April 29th, 1915 (Primkenau/Silesia, Germany)
Date of death:
January 12th, 1997 (Ottersberg/Lowersaxony, Germany)
German (1933-1945, German Reich)


Heinz Pfitzner reached the rank of Major der Reserve.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberleutnant der Reserve (1st Lieutenant of Reserves)
Chef 2. / Pionier-Bataillon 290
Awarded on:
January 15th, 1943
Here follows a statement by Pfitzner’s divisional commander, describing the action by which Pfitzner would receive the Knight’s Cross…

“After being back with his unit for just 2 days following his recovery from a bad wound, Oberleutnant Pfitzner once again demonstrated his determination and courage during a strong enemy attack on 28.11.1942. Demonstrating far above average levels of decisiveness and energy, he took the commanding feature known as the “Deutsche Eck” (which dominated the hollows in the area around Objesha) with a force of only 16 men from his Pionier-Kompanie. The possession of this feature was crucial for the continued combat of the division. It is a credit to his attitude and leadership that the extended positions of the Division from this cornerstone towards the northwest could be held up until the present day.”

After retaking the “Deutsche Eck” on 28.11.1942 as described above, Pfitzner would hold onto this position against strong Soviet infantry and tank attacks for the next week.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes