Bungey, Robert Wilton

Date of birth:
1915 (Somerton/Victoria, Australia)
Date of death:
June 10th, 1943 (Adelaide/South Australia, Australia)
Service number:
Australian (1901-present, Federal Republic)


Robert Wilton Bungey was born in 1915 as son to Ernest and Ada Blanch Bungey. After attending Gleelg Primary School and Adalaide Highschool, he started working as an Insurance Clerk.

In 1936 he was trained as a pilot with the Royal Australian Air Force. He embarked for England on July 22nd, 1937. Here he was temporarily transferred to he RAF and was stationed with No. 226 Squadron at Harswell on November 27th, 1937.

He took part in the Battle for France. In August 1940 he volunteered for service in Fighter Command and joined No. 145 Squadron on. He was wounded in action on November 7th, 1940 when his Hawker Hurricane V6889 was shot down by a Messerschmitt Bf 109 near the Isle of Wight. After a short hospital stay he was took over command of No. 452 (RAAF) Squadron. In England he married Sybil Ellen Johnson.
Robert Bungey was transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force as Reserve for service in Australia on January 25th, 1943. He sailed form England on February 19th, 1943 to arrive in Australia on May 4th. There he rejoined with his wife and their son Richard. In Australia he was called up for duty, promoted to Flying Officer and appointed temporary Squadron Leader. He was stationed with No. 2 OTU in Mildura as Acting Wing Commander. On May 27th, 1943 his wife died of meningitis. Robert Wilton Bungey took his own life on June 10th, 1943.

July 15th, 1937: Air Cadet;
August 27th, 1937: Pilot Officers;
May 26th, 1939: Flying Officer;
September 3rd, 1940: Flight Lieutenant.;
February 1st, 1941: Acting Squadron Leader;
December 16th, 1941 Temporary Squadron Leader (seniority December 1st, 1941);
May 18th, 1942: Squadron Leader (war subs.);
?: FlightLieutenant (RAAF);
?: Temporary Squadron Leader (RAAF);
?: Acting Wing Commander.

July 15th, 1937: Air cadet, Point Cook;
November 27th, 1937: No. 226 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Harswell;
1939: No. 79 Squadron, Royal Air Force;
August 19th, 1940: No. 145 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Drem;
April 13th, 1941: Commanding Officer No. 452 (RAAF) Squadron, Royal Air Force;
1942: Commanding Officer RAF Station Hawkings;
January 25th, 1942: Commanding Officer RAF Station Shoreham;
?: Acting Wing Commander. Chief Flying Instructor No. 2 OTU, Mildura.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Squadron Leader
No. 452 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force
Awarded on:
October 7th, 1941
"This officer has been almost continually engaged on operations against the enemy since the war began. During operations in France he carried out many bombing and reconnaissance missions and later fought in the Battle of Britain. Since July, 1941, Squadron Leader Bungey has led the squadron, and occasionally the wing, on many operational sorties over Northern France. Brilliant successes have been achieved and, during August, the unit shot down twenty-four hostile aircraft. Throughout, this officer has displayed gallant and efficient leadership."
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)


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