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Cradock, Frederick John

Date of birth:
(Acton, London, Great Britain)
Date of death:
May 4th, 1943 (Glemsford, Suffolk, Great Britain)
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Frederick J Cradock served in First World War, enlisting in late 1915 in the Royal Field Artillery as No. 245358, with the rank of Driver. He served in France and Belgium from early 1916 with 156th Brigade (Territorial)/R.F.A. He was discharged in the summer of 1919 when his Army number was 885763.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Boiler Man
Awarded on:
September 10th, 1943
"An explosion occurred, with the result that a boiler house was filled with scalding steam and water, and a man was trapped in a well between the furnace and the boiler. Cradock, who was on top of the furnace, could have jumped to safety on the side away from the steam, but he refused to do so and, calling for a ladder, turned into the escaping steam and attempted to get down into the well to haul out his workmate. Before he could do so he was overcome and severely scalded. He staggered away from, the steam and at this point could still have jumped to safety but, despite his terrible injuries, he returned to make a second gallant effort to get down into the well.He died in making the attempt. Cradock showed outstanding heroism and gave his life in an endeavour to save his workmate."
George Cross