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Boyle, Brian John Lister "Piggy"

Date of birth:
January 24th, 1917 (East London/Cape Province, South Africa)
Date of death:
August 14th, 1991
Service number:
South African (1910-1961, Union)


1938: 2nd Lieutenant;
1939: Lieutenant;
September 1940: Captain;
April 1944: Major;
1945: Lieutenant-Colonel;
?: Brigadier.

1938: South African Air Force;
February 1940: Pilot No. 1 Squadron;
July 1940: Flight Commander No. 1 Squadron;
March 1941: Instructor Operational Training Unit, South Africa;
February 17th, 1944: Flight Commander No. 4 Squadron;
April 2nd, 1944: Commanding Officer No. 4 Squadron;
July 28th, 1944: Operations Staff MORU;
1945: Commanding Officer No. 4 Air School;
?: Commanding Officer No. 64 Air School.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
No. 1 Squadron, South African Air Force (No. 1 Squadron, South African Air Force)
Awarded on:
January 7th, 1941
"In October, 1940, Captain Boyle led three aircraft in an attack on an enemy aerodrome 100 miles within Eritrea. Owing to his care in studying the approaches complete surprise was achieved, three enemy fighters being destroyed and six bombers severely damaged.
In November, 1940, when his squadron commander was engaged by eight enemy fighters, Captain Boyle alone succeeded in taking off from a waterlogged aerodrome, and attacked in an attempt to extricate his comrade.
Though wounded and covered with oil he continued to fight, after his squadron commander had been shot down, until his engine was so damaged that he was compelled to land, being rescued from his wrecked aircraft by the front line troops. Captain Boyle has repeatedly led his flight into action over enemy territory and against superior enemy forces with skill, courage and determination."

LG 35037/151.
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)