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Allin, Georges "Claude"

    Date of birth:
    March 23rd, 1924 (Montendre/Poitou-Charentes, France)
    French (1870-present, Republic)


    Coming from French 'Marine Nationale' and rallied into the 'FFL' (De Gaulle's Free French Troops) in march 1943 at Trinidad
    FAFL No (member FFL): 35926.
    Followed his parachutist instruction at Chamberley, England in August 1943 and was placed with the 4th SAS (French Special Air Service Unit). Was involved in operation Dingson, second wave from 9th June 1944 until 18th June 1944 and operation Amherst from 4th April 1945 until 20th April 1945.

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Chasseur 1ère Classe (Private 1 st clas)
    5/4th Squadron, 4th SAS Regiment, Special Air Service (SAS), Combined Operations Headquarters, War Office, British Government
    Awarded on:
    January 2nd, 1951
    Awarded for:
    Operation Amherst
    He has distinguished himself by courageous and tactful conduct in combat against the enemy on April 7 and 8, 1945, having been dropped behind enemy lines in Drenthe and having fearlessly taken part in the ensuing fighting during which he was wounded. By his conduct, he contributed to the liberation of The Netherlands, thereby serving the interests of the Dutch Government.

    Royal Decree No. 15
    Bronzen Kruis (BK)