Torley, Karl

Date of birth:
October 16th, 1913 (Iserlohn, Germany)
Date of death:
July 19th, 1943 (Kalinovka/Ukrain, Soviet Union)
German (1933-1945, German Reich)


Karl Torley was killed in action on July 19th, 1943 as Major and was posthumously promoted to Oberstleutnant.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant)
Chef, 2. Kompanie, I. Bataillon, Infanterie-Regiment (motorisiert) 60, 16. Infanterie-Division (motorisiert), Heer
Awarded on:
November 23rd, 1941
Awarded for the defense of Talnoje on 30.07.1941. On this day the village, an important supply and medical hub for multiple German divisions, was attacked twice by Soviet forces in battalion strength. Torley and his company, which were in charge of the defense of the village, were able to successfully repulse both attacks and thus ensured the security of the village and the German supply troops located there.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes
On 28.08.1942 Torley's battalion launched an assault on the fortified village of Jaschkul, located in the Kalmyk steppe. Attacking from the southeast, the fighting degenerated into bitter close combat and the Germans were not able to completely eliminate the Soviet presence in the town. These were however later ejected following a carefully reconnoitred night attack for which Torley was heavily responsible. The capture of Jaschkul resulted in the German acquisition of an important water source from underground wells in the area, facilitating further advances towards the east. And seizure of the crossroads in the area enabled better German communications to the north and south. Torley was thus recognized for his achievement with the Knight's Cross.
132nd Award.