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Arima, Masafumi

    Date of birth:
    September 25th, 1895 (Hioki/Kagoshima, Japan)
    Date of death:
    October 15th, 1944 (South-Chinese Sea)
    Mentioned on:
    Yasukuni War Shrine
    Japanese (1868-1945, Empire)


    December 16th, 1915: Midshipman;
    December 1st, 1916: Ensign;
    December 1st, 1918: Sublieutenant;
    December 1st, 1921: Lieutenant;
    December 1st, 1927: Lieutenant Commander;
    November 15th, 1933: Commander;
    December 1st, 1937: Captain;
    May 1st, 1944: Rear Admiral;
    October 15th, 1944: Vice Admiral (posthumously)

    ? - 1915: Imperial Japanese Naval Academy;
    1915: Cruiser Iwate;
    ?: Battleship Shikishima;
    ?: Destroyer Uzuki
    ?: Battleship Suwo;
    ?: Battleship Kongo;
    ?: Destroyer Ashi;
    ?: Cruiser Izumo;
    ?: Battleship Hiei;
    ? - 1928: Naval War College;
    ?: Chief Gunnery Officer Battleship Haruna;
    ?: Chief Gunnery Officer Cruiser Asama;
    December 1st, 1937: Commanding Officer Seaplane Tender Kamikawa Maru;
    May 25th, 1942: Commanding Officer Aircraft Carrier Shokaku;
    April 9th, 1944: Commanding Officer 26th Air Flotilla.

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